How to Add Stamps to PDF Documents

PDF Reader Pro for iOS provides a list of predefined stamps, for example, the Standard business stamps. Meanwhile, it enables Custom stamps to allow you to create texts or images in your own preferences.

Apply a Stamp

1. Select the Stamp light_view_ic_stamp@2x in the annotation toolbox, or you can access it by long-pressing the blank space in the document;

2. You may see different built-in stamps under the Standard tab that appears in the pop-up panel. Alternatively, you are allowed to switch to the Custom tab where you can create the New Text Stamp or New Image Stamp;

3. Choose one stamp as needed and tap the screen to place it somewhere in the document;

4. To remove the stamp, click on it and select Delete in the pop-up menu to complete this operation.

Create a Custom Stamp

1. Follow Step 1 in the previous session above to open the Stamp panel; 

2. Switch from the Standard tab to the Custom tab;

3. To create a text stamp, you can:

    1) Click the New Text Stamp button;

    2) Type in Text to name your stamp;

    3) Select color and an arrow type from Color;

    4) Switch the Date and Time toggle to display the current date and time in the stamp;

    5) Click Done, and your stamp will be presented in the Custom tab.


4. To create an image stamp, you can:

    1) Click the New Image Stamp button;

    2) Select an image from the Photo Library or the Albums, and add it to the Custom tab;

5.Choose a stamp from the Custom tab that you have created and apply it to the PDF document;

6. In the Custom tab, you can click Edit at the top right to manage all the customized stamps.

Change the Location and Appearance of a Stamp

1. Tap on the stamp applied, then drag it to a new position if you want to move it to other places;

2. Tap on the stamp applied, select any blue dot around the stamp and drag it to adjust the size.

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