How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint

PDF Reader Pro iOS enables you to convert PDF to PowerPoint without changing the original bullets, tables, objects, or master layouts.

1. Run PDF Reader Pro iOS and go to Documents light_tabbar_ic_file@2x, then open a PDF file as needed;

2. Click Toolkit light_view_ic_toolkit@2x in the top menu bar and select PDF to Office. The various formats which you can export the PDF file to are displayed;

3. Select PowerPoint (.pptx) as the file format and version that you want to export to;

4. In the Export pop up, set a Page Range in your preference by choosing from Select All, Odd Pages Only, Even Pages Only, Page Range by a paging interval, or Page Range by custom range;

5. Click Convert to export the PDF to the selected file format. By default, the exported file is saved in Documents -> Converted.

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