How to Insert Shapes to PDF

Apply a Shape

1. Enter the reading page;

2. To find the Shape tool:

     1) For iPad users: You can see the shape icon light_view_ic_shape@2x in the sidebar. If you do not find the sidebar, please click Annotation on the top to enable it;

     2) For iPhone users: Swipe the annotation tools to the left in the bottom toolbox until you see the Shape light_view_ic_shape@2x;

3. Long press on light_view_ic_shape@2x to select a shape tool including Circle light_view_ic_shape_round@2x, Rectangle light_view_ic_shape_square@2x, Arrow light_view_ic_shape_arrow@2x, and Line light_view_ic_shape_line@2x from the pop-up panel;

4. In the Border tab, you can:

     1) Select a color from the palette, or customize one in your preference by clicking the last colored circle;

     2) Adjust the slider next to light_view_ic_opacity@2x to change the border's transparency;

     3) Adjust the slider next to light_view_ic_thickness@2x to alter the thickness of the shape you use;

5. In the Fill tab, you can:

     1) Select or customize a fill color for a Rectangle or a Circle;

     2) Modify the Opacity slider to change the transparency of the filled background;

6. Tap any place outside the properties panel to hide it, then click on the screen to add the shape. You can drag and move it to the position you want;

7. If you need to remove any shape added, tap the shape icon light_view_ic_shape@2x first to disable it. Click on the shape, then select Delete in the pop-up menu.

Edit the Shapes

1. To resize the shape: Select it first, and you will see the blue circles around the shape. Drag a blue circle at any end to complete your adjustment;

2. To make further edits, select the shape and choose the property as needed in the pop-up menu:

     1) Border Color: Click Color, select or tailor-make the one you like;

     2) Border Opacity: Click Color and adjust the opacity slider. Alternatively, click Opacity in the pop-up menu, then select a value from 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%;

     3) Border Thickness: Click Color and control the width slider to complete the adjustment. Alternatively, click Thickness, then choose a value from 0.5pt, 1pt, 1.5pt, 2pt, 3pt, 5pt, and 9pt;

     4) Fill Color and Opacity: Select Color from the pop-up menu, switch to the Fill tab where you can change the color and opacity.

Add a Note to the Shape

1. Select the shape that you want to comment on and click Note, then type in the pop-up note box;

2. Click the Save icon to save your notes, or click the Delete icon to remove the notes.

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