How to Extract Annotations in PDFs?

PDF Reader Pro helps you easily export annotations into a separate file to focus on the most valuable things.

1. Open a new file and add annotations, or open a document with annotations;

2. Click Annotation in the left panel, and you can check annotations by Page or Time. If this hint doesn't remind you of the content you have annotated, you can click the icon, and select Expand List to see more messages. Tap Collapse List When you don't need them;

3. Finally hit Export annotations and click Save, You can export the annotations in a document in XFDF format;

4. Annotations include the HighlightUnderlineSquigglyStrickenthrough, FreehandTextAnchored NoteShapesStampImage and Signature.

Note: When you need to view your saved annotation file, you need to open another PDF document first and click Import annotations. The annotation file in XFDF format cannot be opened directly.

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