How to Extract Images from PDF Files?

With PDF Reader Pro you can easily extract the images embedded in PDF files and save them to a folder.

Option 1: Extract images from PDF documents

Extract an image

1. Enter the reading page, and right-click the image, then select Extract Image 0493626d-3385-4bd2-a7c3-64c7c5b87d58 from the menu.

2. Choose an output folder, and hit OK, now you are good to go.


Extract multiple images

If you need to extract multiple images at once, please follow the steps.

1. Hold down ctrl and click to select the images you need. 

2. Right-click one of the images, then select Extract Images from the menu.

3. Choose an output folder, then hit OK to save images.




Option 2: Copy images directly

When you don't need to save images to a separate folder and just need to quickly copy them down, you can do the following.

1. Select the image and use the shortcut key ctrl+c to copy the image.

2. Or right-click the image then select Copy e517cde9-c286-4fc6-8663-8fcbd762b897 from the menu.

Now you can paste the image where you want it.

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