How to Adjust Views?

You can adjust the page size to fit your reading habit through the following steps:

Adjust Views with PDF Reader Pro

1. Right-click any area on the reading page, and select Resize Page, choose Actual Size / Fit Width / Fit Page to meet your requirements;

2. Or press Ctrl + scroll the mouse wheel, you can also zoom the page.

Adjust Magnification with Zoom Tools

The tools on the Zoom toolbar allow you to change the magnification of PDF documents.

1. Tap the Zoom In  zoom in  or the Zoom Out  zoom out  in the bottom toolbar to adjust the size;

2. Tap Zoom Value changes the page view according to a percentage you type in or select from a pop-up menu;

3. Click the numerical box in the bottom toolbar -> pick the number you need or hit Actual Size / Fit Width / Fit Page to choose the appropriate size according to your needs.

 Adjust the Default View

1. Click Settings settings on the menu bar;

2. Choose File attribution, find Default Setting -> Fit page as default when opening documents to select Actual Size / Fit Width / Fit Page -> click Apply.

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