How to View PDFs

PDF Reader Pro provides lots of page layouts, the proper page layouts can greatly improve your reading experience and make your work more efficient.

How to Choose the Proper Page Layouts for Your PDFs

Open the file, click Page Display Page Display on the toolbar -> Display Mode -> view pages with Single Page / Two page / Book mode / Read mode.

Single Page

Select Single Page singlepage , this view mode will display one page at a time. When you reach the bottom of a page, it will jump to the next page.

Two Page

Click Two Page twopage , this view mode will display two pages at the same time.

View PDFs in Book Mode

Tap Book Mode bookmode , the cover page of the PDF file is placed at the top separately and the rest of the pages are displayed with two-page.

1. Enter reading page -> Page Display Page Display ;

2. Choose Book Mode bookmode .

View PDFs in Read Mode

Select Read Mode readmode , you can view PDF files without getting distracted.

1. Enter reading page -> Page Display Page Display ;

2. Choose Read Mode readmode ;

3. Right-click and choose Read Mode Off to exit Read mode.

Split View

Open two parts of the same file side by side and work with both simultaneously.

1. Enter reading page -> Page Display Page Display -> Split View -> choose Vertical or Horizontal. You can click Disable to exit the split view;

2. Or right-click any area on the reading page, then select Vertical or Horizontal.

Rotate Page

You can rotate all or selected pages in PDFs. Rotation is based on 90° increments.

1. Enter reading page -> Page Display Page Display -> Rotate nor . Here you can choose Rotate right and Rotate left;

2. Or right-click on the specified page and choose to Rotate All Pages Counterwise or Rotate All Pages Counterclockwise.

Display Themes

PDF Reader Pro provides different theme colors for you to choose.

1. Tap Page Display Page Display on the reading page -> Themes;

2. Light: the default background color;

3. Sepia: display the document with a light-yellow background;

4. Dark: display the document in a dark environment, which maintains a minimum color contrast ratio required for readability;

5. Reseda: display the document in a light-green background to please your eyes;

6. Click More more1 to customize the theme colors to your personal preference. 


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