PDF Converter SDK Library Components

The Freedom to Convert File From or To PDF You Want.

PDF to Word

The best PDF to word converter can easily convert PDF files into well formatted and fully editable Microsoft Word documents. Our advanced options for converting or removing headers and footers; reconstruct bordered and borderless tables as table objects, with formatting, in Word; PDF form fields are recognized and converted into text boxes for easy editing in exact reconstruction mode; convert text from your PDF, regardless of the orientation.

PDF to Excel

The best PDF to excel converter enables to extract and re-use tables from PDF files into Microsoft Excel worksheets and .xlsx or .csv. And retain the layout & formatting of your original document without losing quality, and effortlessly convert multiple pages at once.


The PDF to PowerPoint converter is a robust and speedy PDF converter that supports output formats like PowerPoint and Images. Moreover, it also supports to create PDF files from different file formats or combining files and go batch processing, which is a real-time-saver for developers.


PDF/A converter is an extremely convenient function to make sure you can open files regardless of how many years go by. It enables to convert scanned PDF to searchable text(OCR required) and add searchable text layer upon for indexing and archiving legacy and paper documents. Besides all documents which are fully compliant with current ISO archiving standards!

PDF to Image

PDF to image converter is one of the best that can handle skewed documents and turn your PDF pages into high-quality images both in seperate or in one. It supports to convert your PDFs to JPG, PNG. All image quality and resolution will remain intact. No file size limit nor registration is required.

More PDF Converter SDK Features

Table Recognition

ComPDFKit table recognition enables to accurately identify wireless box table and complex layout of files. Then it supports to automaticly merge cells within or cross-page the table. Besides, watermark removal and document angle correction are also contained.


ComPDFKit OCR integrates state-of-the-art document OCR, document imaging and PDF conversion technologies into various applications for server, desktop, mobile or other devices. It supports common-used fonts and automatic language detection, multilingual document and massively parallel conversion, and large format pages at high resolution.


PDF to RTF enables you to instantly convert PDF files into fully-formatted and professional-quality RTF(Rich Text Format) files without any loss in layouts. You can reuse and edit files easily.

PDF Processing Ability

The PDF processing SDK can reconstruct content from PDF files into reusable data and supports text extraction and conversion encoding UTF-8, as well as enable many different forms of original picture recognition, rotation, and cutting conversion. It also supports to identify bold and italic fonts, to convert notes to images, to recognize the shape of a table of contents, and recognizes tables.

The Best PDF SDK Solution

Seamlessly enable high-performance PDF viewing, annotating, editing, signing, and more in your apps or any mobile, desktop or server framework.

Integrate PDF Functionality on All Platforms

Build on a modern tech stack that integrates tightly with the platform you're working on. We grow with you as your requirements change and your project evolves.

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#import <ComPDFKit_Conversion/ComPDFKit_Conversion.h>

- (void)convert {
  NSString *pdfPath = @".../test.pdf";
  NSString *wordPth = @".../test.docx";
  CPDFConverterWord *converter = [[[CPDFConverterWord alloc] initWithURL:[NSURL fileURLWithPath:pdfPath] password:nil] autorelease];
  [converter convertToFilePath:wordPth pageIndexs:nil options:nil];