Display Modes

Continuous scroll for the vertical direction
Single page view for the horizontal direction
Automatically trim PDF white margins to resize pages

PDF Navigation

Get an overview of the content of any part of a document via thumbnails
Set page thumbnail to jump to a selected page and adjust the view of the page
Add and move items/subitems in an outline to display the document’s structure and let users navigate documents in a speedy manner
Edit outlines by renaming it, and resetting its link to a specific page, a web page, or an email address
Add bookmarks to mark a place in the PDF to any location within the document
Modify a bookmark name and date, and set its destination to a specific page
Delete existing bookmark from the document

Text Search & Selection

Search within an entire document or page ranges by using string search and get the searching result
Select a word, phrase, sentence or entire passage to copy text from PDF document


Provide super zoom out and in to unlock more zoom levels
Pinch-to-zoom or double tap on specific area to perform a smart page content analysis
Set the borders of documents to match those of the viewing pane


Change theme color and perfectly suit for darker reading environments
Display the document in a light-green background to protect eyes after long-time reading

Text Reflow

Rearrange text to fit the device screen size for displaying same layout