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How to Add Bookmark

PDF bookmarks are a handy and necessary tool when it comes to reading PDF files. And PDF Reader Pro Android helps create bookmarks in PDF files with ease.


Create a Bookmark

1. Open the file and enter the reading page; 

2. Click More icon ic-more , and tap ic-bookmark-1 on the top; 

24. 01How to Add Bookmark


3. Or you can long tap any blank area in the PDF and select ic-bookmark-1 in the context menu; 

4. Enter a bookmark name if needed, and click OK

5. A new bookmark will then be added to the current page.


Delete a Bookmark

1. Click More icon ic-more ; 

2. Or you can long tap any blank area on the page; 

3. Tap ic-bookmark2 again, and click OK when you see a pop-up box; 

4. Then the bookmark will be removed.

24. 02How to Add Bookmark

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