Edit PDF Text

Conveniently modify, add, or remove PDF text on your iPad or iPhone anytime. You can also enhance the appearance of the text by changing the font style, size, and color.
PDF edit

Modify PDF Images

Easily insert new images into your PDF or edit the existing images like cropping, rotating, resizing, replacing, and flipping, improving the overall quality of the visuals.
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PDF Page Editor

Conveniently edit PDF files to your needs with PDF Reader Pro for iPhone & iPad. You are free to change the order, rotate, extract, add or delete PDF pages.
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Professional Watermarks

Protect your business or private documents with easy-to-use PDF Watermarking. Text and image watermark is available to create, save and edit.
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Merge & Split PDF

PDF Reader Pro for iPhone & iPad handles PDF merging and splitting quickly and perfectly. Just allow a few seconds and you will get a new PDF for convenient sharing.
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Explore More Features

Extract Images

Select page range first and extract images inside the PDF.

Flatten PDF

Create a copy that protects your annotations and forms from editing.


Set an app passcode or a private folder password to secure files.


Want to send a bunch of files? Try to zip them up first.
What else can PDF Reader Pro for iOS do?

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