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The universal app PDF Reader Pro for your iPhone and iPad creates the best reading experience ever. It provides you with various reading options to please your eyes. Split view and multi-tab viewer are supported on your iPad to increase efficiency.
PDF bestreader

Support Various File Formats

PDF Reader Pro for iPhone & iPad can be used to directly open and view all mainstream file formats, which include, but are not limited to MS Office files, iWork, comics, html, images, audios, and even videos.
Support Various Formats

Encrypt Your PDF File Safely

PDF Reader Pro supports to set up passwords to protect your important documents in batches. Furthermore, you can create a private folder or set passcode to restrict access to the entire app. And it is an easy-to-use PDF security remover, too!
Encrypt Your PDF File Safely

More Useful Features


Straight turn the PDF into a presentation. You can record your on-screen activities and voice at the same time.

Text Reflow

View the PDF in plain text mode and you are free to change the font, size, speed and theme color to your need.

Crop Mode

The crop mode helps cut the page edge and enables you to get a broader view for reading PDF on a small screen.

Auto Scroll

Scroll pages automatically. You are allowed to adjust the speed by simply scrolling the speed bar while reading.
What else can PDF Reader Pro for iOS do?

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