How to Add Stamps to PDF

You can insert standard stamps like "Approved" or custom text / image stamps to add comments to PDF in a quick way.

Apply a Stamp to PDF

1. Open the file and enter the reading page, tap ic_stamp on the toolbar; 

2. Or you can long tap any blank area in the PDF and select ic_stamp in the pop-up menu; 

3. Select Standard, and you will get standard stamps such as "APPROVED", "FINAL", etc.; 

4. Or select Custom to create a customized Text Stamp or Image Stamp

5. Then select the stamp you want to add, click anywhere on the PDF to place the stamp.

apply stamp

Change the Location and Size of a Stamp

1. Click on the stamp, drag to place it elsewhere; 

2. Click on the stamp, drag the edge to change the size of the stamp.

Create a Custom Stamp

1. Choose ic_stamp on the toolbar and go to Custom

2. Click + and choose to create a Text Stamp or Image Stamp

14-2  添加图章

3. Click Text Stamp, type in stamp text, choose a color and style you like, and turn on the switch button to show date or time if you need, click Done when you finish your settings, and your custom text stamp will be saved in the list; 

4. Click Image Stamp, choose Use Camera or Photo to import an image, and the image stamp will be saved in the list.

Delete a Custom Stamp

You can delete only the custom stamps that you created, not the predesigned stamps. When you delete a custom stamp, the stamp is removed from the list, but the stamp in the PDF isn’t deleted. 

1. Click ic_edit at the top right corner, select a stamp you want to delete or tap ic_edit_selectall to select all; 

2. Tap Delete and choose OK when you see a pop-up box.

14-3  添加图章

Delete a Stamp from PDF

1. If you want to remove a specific stamp, just click it and choose 图标/a 暂时代替

14-4  添加图章

2. Or you can click More icon ic_read_more in the bottom right, and choose Remove All Annotations to delete all stamps and other annotations altogether.

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