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How to Insert Images in PDF

With PDF Reader Pro, you can insert images in PDF and place them wherever you want.


Add Images to PDF

1. Open the file and enter the reading page, tap ic-photo on the toolbar; 

2. Or you can long tap any blank area in the PDF and select ic-photo in the context menu; 

3. Select Use Camera or Photo to import an image; 

4. Click anywhere on the PDF to place the image.


Change the Location and Size of an Image

1. Click on the image, drag to place it elsewhere; 

2. Click on the image, drag the edge to change the size of the image.


Delete Inserted Images 

1. If you want to remove a specific image , just click it and choose ic-del

2. Or you can click More icon ic-more , and choose Remove All Annotations to delete all inserted images and other annotations altogether.

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