How to Add Links to PDF Files

PDF Reader Pro Android lets you insert hyperlinks in PDFs and redirect a specific area to an URL, a page number or an email address.

Add Links to PDF

1. Open the file and enter the reading page;

2. Choose and select a certain area to insert a new link; 

3. There you can choose redirect the area to a specific URL / Page / Email

4. Click Done to finish your settings.

Add links

Change the Link Settings

1. Tap on the toolbar; 

2. Click on the link area and choose 图标/touch_ic_edit from the context menu. 

3. Now you can change the link settings freely.

Change Link Setting

Delete Inserted Links 

1. Tap on the toolbar again; 

2. Click on the link area and choose 图标/a 暂时代替 from the context menu.

Delete Links

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