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How to Add Signatures and Sign PDF Files on Android?

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Add Signatures to PDF


1. Enter the reading page, and tap ic-sign on the toolbar ; 

2. Or you can long tap any blank area in the PDF and select ic-sign in the context menu;

3. Click + to create a new signature;

4. Now you can create a beautiful handwritten signature, and you can change Color / Line Width if needed; 

5. Or you can add an image signature by tapping photoadd and choose Use Camera or Photo to import an image; 

6. Then click Done to save your custom signature; 

7. Select the signature and insert it in an appropriate place; 

8. Click ic-tick to finish signing process and your signature can no longer be moved.

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Delete Custom Signatures

You can delete the signatures that you created and saved. After deleting, the signature is removed from the list, but the signature in the PDF isn’t deleted.

1. Click ic-edit at the top right corner, select a signature you want to delete or tap ic-selectall to select all; 

2. Tap Delete.

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Delete Signatures in PDF

1. Click More ic-more, and choose Clear Signature

2. Or you can go to PDF Tools and tap Clear Signature, then select a file; 

3. Choose OK when you see a pop-up box.

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