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Fast Track Your Workflow Using Our AI PDF Tools

In this blog, our team will show you how to fast track your workflow using AI PDF tools that can streamline your workflow and boost productivity.
Fast Track Your Workflow Using Our AI PDF Tools

Discover our AI-powered tools and revolutionize the way you work with PDF documents.


We promise that once you discover the power of these integrations, it will soon become a part of your overall business strategy.

Megon Venter
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Megon is a B2B SaaS Content Writer with 7 years of experience in content strategy and execution. Her expertise lies in the creation of document management tutorials and product comparisons.

The first step to getting started with our artificial intelligence tools is to click on the robot icon. If you don't know what we're talking about, you can download the latest version of PDF Reader Pro down below:


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Opening up the Home interface will allow you to access a wide range of functions, from proofreading to generative AI. 


AI Summary

For us as content creators, there is often a need to research a certain topic we're unfamiliar with or digest a large volume of text to create our own conclusions. 



Our AI Summary tool is your secret weapon to going through vast amounts of information. With the ability to summarize booklets and other collateral in seconds, it's so easy to pick up the gist of the ideas presented and use this knowledge in your own PDF creations.

Learn how to use AI to summarize text efficiently, helping you quickly grasp the key points of any document.

AI Rewrite

Throughout the creative process, there is always a need for editing. However, when you have run out of time on a project or need a piece of content rewritten, our AI Rewrite tool is the perfect way to achieve continuous improvement to your piece. 



This is a great way in which we speed up our business workflow. Sometimes all we're looking to achieve is write a great conclusion to a strong piece but the words are not quite right. That's when we turn to rewriting with AI.

Discover the top 5 AI sentence rewriters in 2024 to enhance your writing and improve clarity.

"PDF Reader Pro's AI Rewrite and Summarize features are super helpful. They make editing and understanding long documents so much easier and faster."
Johan Müller
B2B SaaS Content Writer
Source: LinkedIn

AI Translate

A part of the content creation process is dealing with pieces for global clients. Our favourite part of this is being able to communicate effectively with the other team and use non-English materials to better our research and business impact.



This is where AI translate changes the game. Try it out as part of your marketing strategies with clients from around the world!

Learn to use our AI PDF plugin features to streamline document management and boost productivity.

AI Proofread

Part of our generative AI capability is the AI Proofread tool. This allows us to take any of our edited pieces and run them through a final proofread. 



This can be used for social media posts, blogs and other content sources. Using the AI proofreading feature has saved us many an embarrassing moment by picking up small grammar or spelling errors. 


With PDF Reader Pro's AI-powered PDF tools, you can elevate your workflow to new heights of efficiency and productivity.


Whether you're editing using AI, annotating, converting, or securing PDF documents, PDF Reader Pro provides the tools you need to get the job done quickly and accurately.

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