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How to Create PDFs

How to Create PDFs

There are Nine standard ways to create a PDF file on your Mac.

Create Blank PDF

PDF Reader Pro is a powerful PDF editor that allows you to create a blank PDF file in several clicks:
click File -> New -> New Blank Page.
That's it! Now you have a blank piece of paper to create whatever you want. Type on it, draw with a pen tool, add shapes, images, and a whole slew more.


Create by Converting

One of the most common methods is to convert other file types into PDFs. Convert Word, Pages, RTF and etc to PDFs with the premise that you install these apps on your devices. Or just open the files and save it as a PDF document and send it by email.

At the same time, you can use a free MS to PDF converter to get the job done. Use simple drag-and-drop to turn your MS document into a new PDF.


Create by Dragging PDF Pages out of the file

1. Choose a certain PDF page and drag it out from thumbnail panel or click Page Edit and hold Command to select more pages and drag them out from the window;

2. A new PDF is created automatically on the desktop.


Create Using a Print Menu

Print menu is another trick to create a new PDF file. You can do it from any apps that can print documents.

Here is how it works:

1. Open a file that you want to convert into a PDF;

2. Click File on main menu and pick Print -> Printer (or simply press Command + p);

3. On the print settings, choose Save as PDF;

4. Name your PDF;

5. Specify the location to store your file using the Where drop-down menu;

6. Click Save to save it.


Create from Clipboard

1. Copy any texts or images you want to paste from the website, other Apps or PDFs;

2. Click main menu File -> New -> New From Clipboard, then Save the texts or images as a new PDF.


Create from Scanner

1. Check the list of supported scanners for the model of scanner you are about to connect to your Mac;

2. Click main menu File -> Import from Scanner...;

3. You can scan from various applications: Image Capture, Preview, Print & Fax preferences in System Preferences, Scanner / Printer queue, some third-party applications;

4. Scan and Save it as a new PDF.


Create from Images

1. Click File on main menu -> New -> New From Images.


Create from Screenshot

Take a screenshot to create a PDF file: Tap File on the main menu -> New -> Take Screenshot -> From Selection... Window / From Entire Screen.


Create from Web Page

If you want to export the web page you browser, do as follow:

1. Click File -> New -> New From Web Page;

2. Or you can click on the statebar -> New From Web Page;

3. Then input URL or import Files(.hrml/.webarchive), you can change the page size -> Save as PDF.

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