PDF Reader Pro Features

Read & Annotate

With PDF Reader Pro, you can do more than read. It's easy to add annotations and notes to documents with the advanced annotating tools. A simple click helps to remove and export annotations on note panel.
annotate pdf
Read PDFs
Split view helps you handle two tasks simultaneously without scrolling pages. PDF Reader Pro comforts your eyes by dark mode.
Annotate PDF on Mac
Annotate and mark up PDFs using a complete set of commenting tools. View and change comments properties on the side panel.


Editing PDFs makes work more simple! Update your CV on PDF, insert blank pages to create original content with the full-featured PDF Reader Pro. You can also add signatures, bates numbers, remove password and permission, more.
edit pdf
Edit PDFs on Mac
Change original text without leaving your PDF. It’s easy to correct the typo, update your CV by adding, removing and modifying texts. Moreover, it enables you change the font size and style attributes.
Page Editor
Organize and rearrange PDF pages with the PDF page organizer. Insert, extract, replace, rotate, reverse, copy, or delete PDF pages.
Split & Merge
Split and merge PDF files make easy. Divide one file into multiple PDF files, or combine multiple files and arrange them in one compact PDF.

Convert & OCR

Transform any PDFs to and from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more without losing fonts and formatting. OCR scanned PDF or images to turn texts to editable PDF or Text.
convert pdf
PDF Converter for Mac
The best quality and most accurate PDF to DOCX/PPTX/XLSX conversion for keeping the fonts and layouts intact, including bullets and tables.
OCR Software Mac
Turn scanned documents and images into fully editable, selectable and searchable PDFs in over 50 languages and 99%+ accuracy.

Fill & Sign

Easily fill out PDF forms Mac like applications or tax forms. Sign contracts with a text or image signature in a few clicks. Even if you are thousands of miles away from your partners, you can quickly sign contracts. Moreover, PDF Reader Pro offers multiple free form templates to save your time.
pdf Fill & Sign
Form Creation
The powerful form builder helps generate customized forms allowing to fill out PDF form on Mac, submit it, and share the information with you automatically.
Form Filler
Let your printer collect dust. It fills in PDF forms on Mac and highlights form fields easily, contributing to a paperless and creative office.
Sign PDFs on Mac
Signing PDFs on your Mac with your cursor mouse, MacBook's trackpad, Keyboard or Images to create your own signature.
More Features
Passwords & Permission
PDF Password Remover is an easy-to-use PDF security remover, helping decrypt PDF protections and restrictions on printing, editing and copying.
It makes more easier to insert images into PDFs and edit images.
Add text or image watermarks to PDF documents to protect your PDF pages from plagiarism.
Bates Numbers
Add Bates Numbering to index legal documents for identification and retrieval with an unique prefix/suffix like number, case number, firm name or date.
Header & Footer
Edit PDFs by customizing headers & footers and adding page numbers. Headers and footers can include a date, automatic page numbering.
Compress bulky PDFs and shrink its size and send compact document to your partners or colleagues.
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