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Top 5 AI Sentence Rewriters in 2024

Here, we explore the top 5 AI sentence rewriters in 2024, each offering unique features and capabilities to streamline the writing process.
Top 5 AI Sentence Rewriters in 2024

As content writers, we often find the need to freshen up our writing for different purposes or new audiences. AI tools have really changed this for us thanks to their ability to rewrite sentences with a new tone and style. By incorporating these AI sentence rewriter tools into your writing process, you can enhance the quality and impact of your content with ease. Give them a try and experience the transformative power of AI in refining your writing style!


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Comparative Analysis

Use our team's handy table below to compare different AI content creators, from their benefits to their downfalls. 


Feature PDF Reader Pro AI QuillBot Copysmith SMMRY Ahrefs Conclusion AI
Sentence Rewriting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customization Options High High High Limited Moderate
Real-time Feedback Yes Yes Yes No No
Multiple Languages Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Integration Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Ease of Use Easy Easy Easy Easy Moderate
Accuracy High High High Moderate High
AI Capabilities Advanced Advanced Advanced Basic Advanced
Pricing Free tier, paid plans available Free Free tier, paid plans available Free Free tier, paid plans available



1. PDF Reader Pro AI

Leading the pack is PDF Reader Pro AI, a versatile tool renowned for its advanced sentence-rewriting capabilities. With PDF Reader Pro AI, users can effortlessly rephrase sentences, modify sentence structures, and generate alternative phrasings with just a few clicks.

Its intuitive interface and powerful AI algorithms make it an indispensable tool for content creators, students, and professionals seeking to enhance the clarity and readability of their writing.

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro


Key Features:

  • Advanced AI algorithms: accurate sentence rewriting.
  • Customizable Rewriting: options to suit specific writing styles.
  • Integration: Fitting in with popular document formats.
  • Real-time Suggestions: Enhancing sentence clarity and coherence.
  • Compatibility: Multiple languages for global accessibility.


"The interface used to create these AI-powered summaries is reminiscent of ChatGPT, which our team also uses to chat with the bot to achieve our desired piece of content."
Megon Venter
B2B SaaS Content Writer LinkedIn
Source: LinkedIn

Our Team's Take

We found that we did not achieve the perfect rewrite of our document in the content creation process the first time around, but the chat capability allowed us to tweak and refine as we went, distinguishing it from regular apps that aren't AI-powered tools. 


Plan Pricing
Free $0 (Free trial)
Permanent License $79.99 (once-off for all features)
Premium License $59.99 (once-off without unlimited file conversion)
AI Tools $14.99 per 50 credits for all tools


How to Use AI Rewrite for Mac

Create the best possible long-form content on your Mac operating system with new AI rewrite tools that can serve as a grammar checker and sentence structure optimizer. 

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro


Did you find the tutorial helpful for use on your original content? Download PDF Reader Pro for Mac through the link below:

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2. QuillBot

QuillBot is another top contender in the AI sentence rewriting arena. This versatile tool offers a range of rewriting modes, including Standard, Fluency, Creative, and Creative+, allowing users to tailor their rewriting approach to their specific needs.

QuillBot's intuitive interface and real-time feedback make it a favorite among writers looking to enhance the quality and originality of their content.

Image Source: QuillBot

Key Features:

  • Paraphrasing: Rewrites sentences while preserving the original meaning.
  • Synonym Suggestions: Provide alternative word choices to improve clarity.
  • Summarization: Condenses lengthy text into shorter, concise versions.
  • Fluency Improvement: Enhances the flow and readability of the text.
  • Word Flipper: Swaps words for synonyms to diversify vocabulary. 

Image Source: QuillBot


Our Team's Take

As a team working in content marketing, we found QuillBot to be a valuable tool for us to enhance our writing productivity and quality. Its powerful tools offer solutions for paraphrasing, summarizing, and refining content.

Our favorite feature has to be the "Word Flipper" which allowed us to stray away from typical AI jargon and create original content. 


Plan Pricing
Annual $4.17 per month
Semi-Annual $6.66 per month
Monthly $9.95 per month



3. Copysmith (Rytr Product)

Copysmith leverages cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) technology to rewrite sentences and generate unique content. With its user-friendly interface and robust AI capabilities, Copysmith enables users to create engaging and original content in a fraction of the time it would take manually.

Whether rewriting product descriptions, blog posts, or social media captions, Copysmith empowers users to craft compelling narratives with ease.

Image Source: Copysmith

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Content: Advanced AI algorithms to create content.
  • Versatile Writing Styles: Generates content in various tones, styles, and formats.
  • Customization Options: Allows users to tweak content to fit specific requirements.
  • Integrated Research: Incorporates data from multiple sources to enrich content.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Ensures content originality by scanning for duplicate text.

Image Source: Ryter


Our Team's Take

"This app allows our team to take a piece of content and make it better or write one from scratch using the AI writing tool. What we liked about its features was the built-in plagiarism checker."
Megon Venter 
B2B SaaS Content Writer LinkedIn
Source: LinkedIn

This is essential as a content writer, due to the tendency of AI tools to draw too heavily on certain sources. The writing assistant also helped our team to mold our tone of voice according to the piece we wanted to end up with. 


Plan Pricing
Free $0 per month
Saver $9 per month
Unlimited $29 per month




SMMRY is a web-based summarization tool that also offers sentence rewriting functionality. While primarily designed for summarizing text, SMMRY's rewriting feature provides users with the ability to paraphrase sentences and restructure paragraphs for improved clarity and coherence.

With its simple interface and customizable settings, SMMRY is an excellent choice for users seeking basic sentence rewriting capabilities.

Image Source: SMMRY


Key Features: 

  1. Summarization: Condenses long passages of text into concise summaries.
  2. Customization: Allows users to adjust the length and level of detail of the summary.
  3. Readability Enhancement: Simplifies complex language for easier comprehension.
  4. URL Support: Accepts URLs as input to summarize web articles and pages.
  5. Quick Processing: Generates summaries rapidly, saving time for users.

Image Source: SMMRY

Our Team's Take

We found this app to be best for us when we don't need to write content from scratch.

While the interface is not particularly fun to use, its simple design is perfect for creating grammatical errors in existing content while also being able to define the length of our pieces based on our input.


Plan Pricing
Online Free to use



5. Ahrefs Conclusion AI

Conclusion AI specializes in generating conclusions for written content, but it also offers sentence rewriting functionality. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this tool can analyze and rephrase sentences to enhance readability and flow.

While primarily focused on conclusion generation, Ahrefs Conclusion AI's rewriting feature adds versatility to its suite of writing tools.

Image Source: Ahrefs


Key Features:

  • Conclusion Generation: Concise conclusions for various types of content.
  • Advanced Text Analysis: Utilizes sophisticated algorithms.
  • Customization Options: Flexibility to customize tone, style, and length of text.
  • High-Quality Results: High-quality conclusions that effectively summarize points.
  • Integration Capabilities: Integrates with other writing tools and platforms.

Image Source: Ahrefs

Our Team's Take

We found that a wide range of AI tools are best at summarizing content while writing pieces from scratch can be a bit more tricky.

This app is no different and shines for our team as we are content writers looking to improve original work and enhance pieces for ultimately, the most engaging content. However, this is not the ultimate app for us when we want the app to create fresh content.


Plan Pricing
Conclusion AI Online Tool Freemium model with limited features
Lite $99 per month
Standard $199 per month
Advanced $399 per month
Enterprise $999 per month


You can also check our resume resource on using AI proofreading.

FAQ: AI Sentence Rewriters

Do you have questions about using AI sentence writers to create high-quality content? Sift through our FAQ to find the answers about AI-powered tools. 


"I’ve used many PDF tools and only encountered headaches – from expensive monthly subscriptions to limited features that reveal themselves later. That is until I downloaded PDF Reader Pro."
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How do AI sentence rewriters ensure high-quality content?

AI sentence rewriters analyze the input text, identify key elements, and generate alternative sentences using advanced algorithms. This process ensures that the rewritten content is grammatically correct, contextually appropriate, and coherent, resulting in high-quality output.


Can AI sentence rewriters handle different types of content?

Yes, AI sentence rewriters can handle various types of content, including blog posts, articles, social media captions, and more. They adapt their rewriting techniques to suit different formats and writing styles, providing versatility in content creation.


Are AI sentence rewriters suitable for content creators?

Absolutely, AI sentence rewriters are valuable tools for content creators seeking to enhance their writing productivity and quality. By automating the rewriting process, these tools help content creators generate engaging and polished content more efficiently.


How do AI sentence rewriters contribute to the writing process?

AI sentence rewriters streamline the writing process by offering suggestions and alternatives for sentences, helping writers overcome writer's block, improve readability, and maintain consistency throughout their content.


Do AI sentence rewriters offer customization capabilities?

Yes, many AI sentence rewriters provide customization options, allowing users to adjust settings such as tone, style, and complexity to align with their preferences and the requirements of the content.


How do AI sentence rewriters compare to human writers?

While AI sentence rewriters excel in generating content quickly and efficiently, human writers bring creativity, nuance, and emotional intelligence to their writing. AI tools complement human writers by offering suggestions and automating repetitive tasks, but human oversight is essential for producing truly exceptional content.


The top 5 AI sentence rewriters in 2024 offer innovative solutions for enhancing writing efficiency and quality. Whether you're a seasoned writer, student, or professional, these tools provide invaluable support in crafting clear, concise, and engaging content. With AI-driven sentence rewriting, the possibilities for creative expression and effective communication are endless.

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