8 Best PDF Compression Tools in 2023

Fri. 04 Nov. 202255833 Mins

With the rapid evolution of technology, PDF documents have become a quintessential part of our lives. From reports to manuscripts, everything is being converted to the PDF format.

However, with the convenience of the format, comes the issue of file size. But don't worry, a plethora of tools is available to compress those bulky PDF files without compromising on the original quality. We’ve listed 8 of the best PDF compression tools to make your task easier.


How to Compress PDFs on Windows

Uploading large documents on various platforms can sometimes be restricted by file size limits. With the PDF Reader Pro compression tool, you can easily reduce the size of your PDF.


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1. Open your desired file, click on 'Editor' in the toolbar

Select 'Compress'

2. Navigate to 'Optimization Options'

Select an appropriate output quality for the compression

3. Decide on a compression quality

Choose between Low, Medium, High, or Custom

4. Hit the 'Compress' button

5. Alternatively, click 'Add Files' to select and compress multiple documents in one go

How to Compress PDFs on Mac

When faced with email size restrictions, especially for important documents like a thesis, compressing your PDF files can be the most straightforward solution.


Navigate, edit, and
convert PDFs like a Pro
with PDF Reader Pro


Easily customize PDFs: Edit text, images,
pages, and annotations with ease.


Advanced PDF conversion: Supports
multi-format document processing with OCR.


Seamless workflow on Mac,
Windows, iOS, and Android.

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1. In your editor, select 'Compress'

2. Alternatively, navigate to 'Tools' in the main menu

Select 'Editor', and then 'Compress'

3. Choose your desired compression quality.

For batch compression, click on 'Add Files' to add multiple files

4. Once compressed, save the new PDF

You can also share it via options like Email, Airdrop, iCloud, and more

Quick Comparison Table

PDF Compression Tool Compression Quality Overall Rating Free Version

PDF Reader Pro

5.0 5.0 Yes

Adobe PDF Compressor

4.9 4.9 Yes


4.7 4.8 Yes


4.7 4.7 Yes


4.6 4.6 Yes


4.5 4.6 Yes

PDF escape

4.5 4.5 Yes

Nitro PDF

4.3 4.4 Yes

8 Best PDF Compression Tools

What is the best PDF option for compresssing your valuable files? Check out our guide on the best PDF management tools out there. We looked at secure PDF solutions with affordable pricing and the best PDF creation tools. 

1. PDF Reader Pro

Image source: PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro stands out as not only a viewer but also a versatile PDF compressor software.

Why it's Great for Compressing PDFs

PDF Reader Pro offers advanced features, ensuring that you can compress a 0 / 1 PDF file size without losing essential details. If you need a powerful PDF reading and editing tool that operates seamlessly across any major device, PDF Reader Pro is your best bet. 

PDF Compression Features

  1. Reduces PDF size without hampering original quality.
  2. Batch processing for compressing multiple PDF files at once.
  3. Mobile optimization to ensure compressed files are viewable on phones.
  4. Versatile features for compressing, splitting, converting, and editing PDFs.


2. Adobe PDF Compressor (Adobe Acrobat Pro DC)

Image source: Adobe Acrobat Reader

Being a product of the Adobe Acrobat family, this tool promises reliability and efficiency.

Why it's Great for Compressing PDFs

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC offers a sophisticated interface that is ideal for both novice users and professionals. Its compression features ensure that larger files are reduced to a medium file size, maintaining file quality.

PDF Compression Features

  1. Adobe Acrobat integration for streamlined PDF editing and compression.
  2. Customizable PDF software settings to dictate compression level.
  3. File encryption to ensure compressed PDF file security.
  4. Desktop versions available for offline compression tasks.


3. PDF2Go

Image source: PDF2Go 

PDF2Go is a handy online PDF compression tool that’s user-friendly and efficient.

Why it's Great for Compressing PDFs

Being an online tool, PDF2Go offers flexibility, allowing users to compress files without downloading any software. Its intuitive user interface is perfect for the casual user.

PDF Compression Features

  1. No file size limits for compression.
  2. File security protocols to ensure safe compression.
  3. Simple interface for easy navigation.
  4. Supports popular file formats alongside PDF.


4. PDFSimpli

Image source: PDFSimpli

For those looking for a straightforward tool, PDFSimpli is the answer.

Why it's Great for Compressing PDFs 

This online PDF compressor tool is designed with simplicity in mind. It offers a quick solution for users needing immediate PDF size reduction.

PDF Compression Features

  1. Direct Google Drive and cloud storage integration.
  2. Quality of images retained post-compression.
  3. Single file and batch compression feature available.
  4. Basic version available for users with limited features requirements.

5. LightPDF

Image source: LightPDF

LightPDF shines in the realm of online software, making PDF compression a breeze.

Why it's Great for Compressing PDFs

LightPDF ensures that every compressed PDF file retains its original file structure. Its batch processing allows for compressing multiple files swiftly.

PDF Compression Features

  1. Seamless PDF conversion to other formats.
  2. Intuitive user interface for swift operations.
  3. File button for easy upload and compression.
  4. Offline version available for desktop users.


6. iLovePDF

Image source: iLovePDF

iLovePDF is a favorite among many, primarily due to its user-friendly interface and effective compression.

Why it's Geat for Compressing PDFs

Being a full-featured software, iLovePDF offers a range of PDF editor tools, with compression being its forte. Its online tool ensures accessibility from anywhere.

PDF Compression Features

  1. Advanced compression option for tailored results.
  2. File security protocols to keep your PDF documents safe.
  3. Mobile optimization for better viewing on handheld devices.
  4. Cloud storage options for saving compressed files.


7. PDF escape

Image source: PDF escape

PDF escape is not just an editor but a robust PDF compressor tool.

Why it's Great for Compressing PDFs 

With PDF escape, users can expect reduced PDF files without a compromise on quality. It’s perfect for those who require both editing and compression.

PDF Compression Features

  1. Direct integration with platforms like Google Drive.
  2. File encryption to ensure document safety.
  3. Batch processing for bulk compression.
  4. Trial version available for users to test out features.


8. Nitro PDF

Image source: Nitro PDF

Last but not least, Nitro PDF offers a comprehensive solution to your PDF compression needs.

Why it's Great for Compressing PDFs

With its advanced features, Nitro PDF ensures that the output files are of the highest quality. Whether you're compressing a single file or multiple, Nitro PDF has got you covered.

PDF Compression Features

  1. Seamless integration with Adobe Acrobat for added functionality.
  2. Maximum file size optimization with quality retention.
  3. Desktop versions available for offline tasks.
  4. Advanced file formats support for versatile operations.


How to Compress PDFs FAQ


1. Why should I compress a PDF?

Compressing a PDF reduces its file size, making it easier to upload to websites, send via email, or save storage space on your device.


2. Will compressing a PDF reduce its quality?

While compression can lead to a reduction in image quality or resolution, many modern tools are designed to retain as much quality as possible. Always check the output to ensure it meets your standards.


3. Can I compress a password-protected PDF?

Yes, but you'll need the password to access the content. Some compression tools may ask for the password before allowing you to compress the file.


4. Is online PDF compression safe?

While many online PDF compressors claim to be secure, always exercise caution. Ensure the website uses SSL encryption and check if they have a policy to automatically delete uploaded files after a certain period.


5. Are there any file size limits to compressing a PDF?

Most online tools have a maximum file size limit, which varies from one platform to another. Desktop applications might not have such limits.


6. How much can I expect to reduce the file size?

The extent of size reduction depends on the original content of the PDF. A document heavy with high-resolution images will likely see a more significant reduction compared to a text-only document.


7. Can I choose the compression level?

Many compression tools offer multiple levels, such as Low, Medium, and High, allowing you to choose the balance between file size and quality.


8. Are compressed PDFs compatible with all PDF readers?

Yes, a compressed PDF should be readable by any standard PDF reader, as the compression process only reduces file size and doesn't alter the fundamental structure of the PDF format.


9. What's the difference between lossy and lossless compression?

Lossy compression reduces file size by removing some data, which can affect quality. Lossless compression retains all original data, ensuring no quality loss, but may not reduce the file size as much.


10. Can I decompress a PDF to its original state?

Once a PDF is compressed using lossy compression, you cannot revert it to its original quality. With lossless compression, the original data is retained, so in theory, it could be restored, though this is rarely done in practice.


If you have more questions about compressing your PDFs, always refer to the user manual or support section of the specific compression tool you're using.


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