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5 Best Resume Fonts for Job Applications

Are you looking for the perfect font to write a letter? We've collected some of the best handwritten fonts to inspire you.
5 Best Resume Fonts for Job Applications

Choosing the right font for your resume is crucial as it can affect how easily the content is digested and perceived by potential employers. Here are five fonts that are widely recognized for their readability and professional appearance.

1. Arial


  • Font Family: Sans-serif  
  • Designer: Robin Nicholas, Patricia Saunders  
  • Year Created: 1982  
  • Font Publisher: Monotype Imaging  
  • Availability: Download Arial here

Arial is a sans-serif font known for its clarity and versatility. Created in 1982, it's a staple in corporate and academic documents. Its clean lines and open design make it highly readable, suitable for both digital displays and printed materials.

2. Calibri


  • Font Family: Sans-serif  
  • Designer: Lucas de Groot  
  • Year Created: 2002  
  • Font Publisher: Microsoft  
  • Availability: Download Calibri here

Calibri is a modern sans-serif font that became the default for Microsoft Word in 2007. Its rounded corners and warm aesthetic help reduce the starkness seen in other sans-serif fonts, making it ideal for professional and casual documents alike.

3. Helvetica


  • Font Family: Sans-serif  
  • Designer: Max Miedinger with Eduard Hoffmann  
  • Year Created: 1957  
  • Font Publisher: Haas Type Foundry  
  • Availability: Download Helvetica here

Helvetica is a popular sans-serif typeface developed in 1957, renowned for its neutrality. Favored by designers and typographers for its clean and clear lines, Helvetica is a go-to font for branding, signage, and high-visibility applications.

4. Georgia


  • Font Family: Serif  
  • Designer: Matthew Carter  
  • Year Created: 1993  
  • Font Publisher: Microsoft  
  • Availability: Download Georgia here

Georgia is a serif font designed to be readable even on low-resolution screens where serif fonts typically falter. Its letterforms are robust and elegant, making it a preferred choice for electronic publications and lengthy texts in print.

5. Garamond


  • Font Family: Serif  
  • Designer: Claude Garamond  
  • Year Created: 16th century (digital versions vary)  
  • Font Publisher: Multiple publishers  
  • Availability: Download Garamond here

Garamond is one of the oldest typefaces from the 16th century, embodying a classic, timeless aesthetic. It's especially favored in the publishing world for its aesthetic elegance and excellent readability, making it ideal for extensive printed works like novels and journals.

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