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Top 5 Best Travel Books

Exploring the world through the lens of avid travelers, our team compiles a definitive list of must-read travel books, fueled by our passion for adventure.
Top 5 Best Travel Books

Seeking captivating journeys that will keep you intrigued until the final page? Delve into our curated collection of top five mystery novels below – and the cherry on top?


1. "The Alchemist"

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  • Book TitleThe Alchemist
  • Author: Paulo Coelho
  • Published: January 1988
  • Rating: 3.91/5 on Good Reads
  • Free versionNo, buy it here

"The Alchemist" follows Santiago, a shepherd boy, on his quest for worldly treasure, taking him from Spain to the deserts of Egypt. Its themes of self-discovery and destiny resonate deeply with travelers.

2. "The Great Railway Bazaar"

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  • Book TitleThe Great Railway Bazaar
  • Author: Paul Theroux
  • Published: August 1975
  • Rating: 3.9/5 on Good Reads
  • Free version: Yes, download it here

In this classic travelogue, Theroux embarks on an epic train journey from London through Europe and Asia, capturing the essence of each place and the people he encounters along the way.

3. "Travels with Charley: In Search of America"

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  • Book TitleTravels with Charley: In Search of America
  • Author: John Steinbeck
  • Published: January 1961
  • Rating: 4.08/5 on Good Reads
  • Free version: Yes, download it here

Steinbeck takes to the road with his poodle, Charley, in a camper named Rocinante, exploring America and its people in an attempt to rediscover the country he writes about in his novels.

4. "Eat, Pray, Love"

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  • Book TitleEat, Pray, Love
  • Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Published: February 2006
  • Rating: 3.63/5 on Good Reads
  • Free version: Yes, download it here

Gilbert's memoir chronicles her year-long journey of self-discovery and healing, as she travels to Italy, India, and Indonesia in search of pleasure, spiritual enlightenment, and balance in her life.

5. "Into the Wild"

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  • Book TitleInto the Wild
  • Author:  John Krakauer
  • Published: January 1996
  • Rating: 4.01/5 on Good Reads
  • Free version: Yes, download it here


"Into the Wild" gripping true story follows Christopher McCandless, a young man who gives up his possessions and savings to journey into the Alaskan wilderness, seeking adventure and meaning in solitude.


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