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How to Organize PDFs Saved to Your Documents Folder

In this blog, our team will show you how to organize PDFs saved to your documents folder, helping you streamline your digital files.
How to Organize PDFs Saved to Your Documents Folder

As we accumulate PDF files, it's easy for our documents folder to become cluttered and disorganized without file management.


Our team makes use of systems like Google Drive to store original files after we're done editing them in apps like PDF Reader Pro, but we also have folder structures for personal storage of our own PDFs.

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Create Folders Based on Categories

The first step in organizing your PDF documents is to create folders based on categories. Think about the types of PDFs you have and group them accordingly. For example, you could have folders for work-related documents, personal documents, invoices, receipts, or manuals.


  • Open your documents folder where you store your digital files.
  • Right-click and select "New" > "Folder."
  • Name the folder based on the category (e.g., "Work," "Personal," "Invoices," etc.).
  • Repeat this process for each category you want to create.

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Sort and Move PDFs into Respective Folders

Once you have your folders set up, it's time to sort through your PDFs and move them into the appropriate folders.


  • Open your PDF documents folder.
  • Go through each PDF file and determine which category it belongs to.
  • Right-click on the PDF file and select "Cut" or "Copy."
  • Navigate to the corresponding folder and right-click inside the folder.
  • Select "Paste" to move or copy the PDF file into the folder.
  • Repeat this process for each PDF file until your documents are sorted into their respective folders.

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Use Descriptive File Names

When saving new PDFs or renaming existing ones, use descriptive file names that clearly indicate the content of the document. This makes it easier to identify files at a glance and ensures you can find what you need quickly.


  • Right-click on the PDF file you want to rename.
  • Select "Rename."
  • Enter a descriptive name that reflects the content of the document (e.g., "Monthly Report April 2024," "Electricity Bill May 2024," etc.).
  • Press Enter to save the new file name.

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Implement Subfolders for Further Organization

If you find that certain categories have a large number of PDFs, consider creating subfolders to further organize your files. You can also add tags to each PDF file within the folder to separate them further.


  • Right-click on the main folder and select "New" > "Folder."
  • Name the folder based on a subcategory (e.g., if you have a "Work" folder, you could create subfolders for "Projects," "Reports," etc.).
  • Move relevant PDFs into the appropriate subfolders using the same process described earlier.

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Regularly Review and Maintain

Finally, make it a habit to regularly review and maintain your organized documents folder. Remove any unnecessary or outdated PDFs, update file names as needed, and ensure new documents are saved in the correct locations.


By creating folders, sorting PDFs, using descriptive file names, implementing subfolders when necessary, and regularly maintaining your organization system, you'll save time searching for important documents.


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