How to Export and Import Annotations in PDFs?

Tue. 12 Jul. 202216463 Mins

When giving a lesson to different classes or students with the same document, you may want to present different ideas and concepts, so you create several PDF files with different comments for each class. However, you find that saving large PDF files with various annotations is a memory hog. What will you do in this situation? Considering another occasion, when the extensive annotations make your file look like a huge mess, how can we clean up the page without totally deleting the comments? 


If you are caught in such a dilemma, you can ask for help with the annotation exporting and importing function. Instead of creating differently annotated files for each class or deleting all the comments for a tidy page, it would be better to extract all your comments as a file, and the exported file can be imported into a PDF document as well, which allows you to remove all the notes when you need a clean page and import them again for more detailed and significant information. So how to export and import annotations in PDFs? Follow the steps below and PDF Reader Pro will make it easy to export and import your comments.


Export and Import Annotations Step by Step

  1. Open a new file and add annotations, or open a document with annotations;
  2. Click Annotation in the left panel and you can see all the comments you have made
  3. Hit Export Annotations and click Save, the document will be saved in XFDF format.



  4. Return to the reading page and you can delete all the annotations. To delete all comments, you can click the icon on the top left corner, choose Delete All Annotations.


Now, you are ready to open an original file and use the annotation set. Follow the step to import annotations:

  1. Tap Annotation in the left panel;

  2. Click Import Annotations and choose an annotation set you want to apply;

  3. All the annotation sets will be applied to your document.

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How to Check All the Comments Quickly?

Select Expand List, all annotations will be shown in the left panel. Tap Collapse List when you don't need them.



What If I Want to View All the Notes in Different Ways?

You are allowed to read all the annotations in chronological order or page order. Just click the drop-down list to check annotations by Page or Time.



Can I Apply the Annotation Set to Different PDFs?

The annotation sets can be used in different PDFs, but it makes no sense if the file is not the same as the original one.


What Kind of Annotations Can We Export Through PDF Reader Pro?

PDF Annotation is an additional object added to a PDF file, helping you to focus on the significant information and expand upon the current content. An annotation set includes Highlight, Underline, Squiggly, strikethrough, Freehand, Text, Anchored Note, Rectangle, Circle, Arrow, Line, Stamp, Image, and Signature. Take a few minutes to know more about the comment tools.

Highlight : Highlight the important section of the text.

Underline : Draw a line below the text for emphasis.

Squiggly : Draw a squiggly line under the sentences.

Strikethrough : Add a strikethrough to get rid of the irrelevant parts.

Freehand : Add freehand handwriting just like you do with a pen.

Shape: Include Rectangle , Circle , Arrow , and Line .

Anchored Note : Add some notes to some important parts.

Text : Add a little clarification with a text box.

Stamp : Add a stamp to label the document with important information, such as approval status.

Signature : Allow you to add an electronic signature to get rid of the traditional paper carrier and space constraints

Image : An image comment can be inserted into your file. 


PDF Reader Pro is an all-in-one PDF editor with various annotation tools as well as the capacity of exporting and importing notes. Click More to know more functions about PDF Reader Pro for Windows. Click Download to get a 7-day free trial now. If you have any questions or advice, feel free to email us at [email protected].

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