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Our Favourite Great Expectations Quotes

In this post, we explore pivotal quotes from "Great Expectations," revealing deep insights into Dickens's views on society and identity.
Our Favourite Great Expectations Quotes

In Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations," I am perpetually captivated by the intricate exploration of social class, personal ambition, and the complexities of human emotions.

This novel, a cornerstone of Victorian literature, masterfully critiques societal norms through a captivating tale of an orphan navigating through life's trials and transformations.

"I stole her heart away and put ice in its place."  – Miss Havisham

Miss Havisham's chilling confession to Pip about how she influenced Estella encapsulates her own tragic bitterness and the deliberate shaping of Estella’s character to seek revenge on men.

"You are part of my existence, part of myself. You have been in every line I have ever read." – Estella to Pip

Estella’s words to Pip reflect the deep connection and influence they have on each other's lives, despite the pain and complexity of their relationship.

"Suffering has been stronger than all other teaching."  – Pip

Pip acknowledges that suffering has been the most influential force in his life, shaping his character more than any other experiences—a profound realization of personal growth through hardship.

"Ask no questions, and you'll be told no lies." – Joe Gargery

Joe’s simple wisdom here speaks to the moral complexities and deceptions that Pip encounters, emphasizing a theme of innocence versus corruption.

"So, I must be taken as I have been made. The success is not mine, the failure is not mine, but the two together make me."  – Estella

Estella’s reflection on her own character development highlights the inevitability of one’s upbringing shaping one's fate, echoing the novel’s exploration of identity formation influenced by external circumstances.

"Hold your noise!" –  Magwitch

This curt command from Magwitch during his first encounter with Pip sets the tone for their relationship’s beginning, filled with fear and command, yet evolving into one of deep mutual affection and moral indebtedness.

"I have been bent and broken, but—I hope—into a better shape."  –  Estella

This quote from Estella near the novel's end signifies her personal growth and hope for redemption, illustrating the theme of transformation through adversity.

"In a word, I was too cowardly to do what I knew to be right, as I had been too cowardly to avoid doing what I knew to be wrong."  – Pip

Pip’s self-reflection captures his moral struggles and failures, epitomizing the inner conflict and the desire for moral rectitude despite personal flaws.

"We need never be ashamed of our tears." – Mr. Jaggers

This unexpected insight from the stoic and pragmatic lawyer, Mr. Jaggers, offers a rare glimpse into his more humane side, validating emotional expression and vulnerability.

"Love her, love her, love her!"  –  Miss Havisham to Pip

This desperate plea from Miss Havisham, urging Pip to love Estella, underscores her complex feelings of repentance and her recognition of love’s power and importance, even as she herself has warped it.

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