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How to Read Text From a Document Scanner

In this guide, our team will show you how to read text from a document scanner using PDF Reader Pro's Optical Character Recognition tools.
How to Read Text From a Document Scanner

Document scanning is essential for converting physical documents into digital format. However, you also need a way to extract and read the text contained within the scanned images.

This is where OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology comes into play, and PDF Reader Pro is one of the leading tools for this task.

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How to Read Scanned Text on Windows

Easily take your original document that has been scanned and extract text to create an editable document using our OCR tools for Windows. 


Step 1: Open Your Scanned PDF File

Drop files or click "Open File" on the home interface.

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Step 2: Click OCR on the Menu

This will open a pop-up window that recognizes text on image files and other parts of the PDF file.

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Step 3: Click the Blue Button

This will extract the text from your selected pages.

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Step 4: Save Your Document

Export your file as a text document or PDF to your output folder.


How to Read Scanned Text on Mac

Turn your scanned PDF document into editable text with our OCR tools. This feature is capable of handwriting recognition and more!


Step 1: Open Your Document

Drop your PDF into the Home interface or click "Open File".

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Step 2: Click our OCR Software Tool

This will bring up a box where you can select the pages to extract.

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Step 3: Click the "OCR" Button

Once processed, you can export the text as a simple document or compatible PDF file.

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Source: PDF Reader Pro

Did you find our tutorial for extracting and reading text from scanned documents helpful? You can download the latest version of PDF Reader Pro for Windows or Mac:

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Whether you're digitizing old paper documents or extracting text from scanned images, PDF Reader Pro's powerful OCR technology makes the process quick and efficient. 


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