How to Reduce PDF Size Manually?

Thu. 19 Jan. 202324003Mins

PDF is the most common file format to use anytime and anywhere. But the PDF format does not allow you to edit or reduce the content in it. PDFs that have a size of 1MB or more are categorized as large files. A PDF that is too large can make it difficult for you to share it with others. Some platforms limit the size of PDFs that can be sent. Also, PDFs can only be edited if you download a trusted PDF Reader software.


Reducing PDF size can optimize your PDF files. Apart from saving your storage, reducing your PDF file size can also increase its shareability and faster download. Several ways you can do to reduce the size of your PDF file manually such as reducing text or font size, removing unnecessary pages, and compressing files.



How to Reduce PDF Size Manually


For this article, we have prepared for you one of the best PDF editors that will give other PDF editors a run for their money. PDF Reader Pro has powerful and diverse features that make your work easy. We will soon cover how to reduce PDF size manually but first, DOWNLOAD PDF Reader Pro and let's get started. 





Deleting Unwanted Text Manually


PDF does not allow you to reduce text by its nature. But with PDF Reader Pro, you can easily execute this action within a few minutes. By reducing the text or font size in a PDF, you can reduce the size of your PDF significantly.

1. Open your PDF file with PDF Reader Pro;

2. Click Edit PDF;

3. Start reducing unnecessary text in your PDF;

4. Change text color or reduce font size in the property panel on the right screen.




Delete Unwanted Pages Manually


Removing unnecessary pages in your PDF can also reduce the size of your PDF. You need to consider whether you need every page of your PDF. You may have some pages that are unnecessary because of too many blank spaces. You may also shorten your content which will result in blank pages. Follow these steps to delete those pages.

1. Open your PDF file with PDF Reader Pro;

2. Click Page Edit;

3. Select pages you want to delete;

4. Click OK.




Reduce PDF File Size Manually


Just as practical as the previous two steps, you can also reduce the size of your PDF manually using our compression tools. PDF Reader Pro offers compression tools that have a clean and simple interface that is easy for novice users to understand. In addition, PDF Reader Pro provides several options that give you the freedom to decide how much you want to reduce the size of your PDF. PDF Reader Pro also provides compressing files in batches so you can compress multiple files in one go.

1. Open your PDF file with PDF Reader Pro;

2. Press Editor on the top panel;

3. Add files if you want to compress files in batches;

4. Choose the Optimization Options;

5. Click Compress;

6. Select where you want to save your files and press OK.



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