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PDF Reader Pro OCR & Convert Function Gets a Full Boost!

Powered by ComPDFKit SDK, PDF Reader Pro has greatly improved its OCR engine and conversion function. You can accurately OCR a scanned PDF while maintaining format.
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With the technical support of ComPDFKit SDK, PDF Reader Pro has greatly improved its OCR engine and conversion function. This enhancement ensures that you can now accurately recognize scanned PDFs while maintaining the original formatting and layout. Additionally, PDF Reader Pro offers the convenience of converting PDF to Word with an optional output layout like flowing text. Just setting the stage for a more efficient 2024!


This article will give you a comprehensive guide on the enhanced functions from the several aspects:



1. Enhanced OCR Engine Keeps You Productive

2. Convert PDF to Word with Flowing Text

3. ComPDFKit SDK, Technical Support for PDF Reader Pro 


Enhanced OCR Engine Keeps You Productive

What is OCR?

OCR (Optical Character Recognition), is a technology that recognizes and extracts text from scanned documents or images and converts them into editable and searchable text formats, which greatly enhances document processing efficiency and accuracy. With the assistance of OCR tool, You can easily turn paper documents into PDFs without retyping all of the text.


PDF Reader Pro integrates a powerful OCR Engine, making it convenient for data entry, document editing, and information retrieval. Recently, PDF Reader Pro has enhanced its OCR engine to further improve the accuracy of recognition while maintaining the original layout of the document.


PDF Reader Pro OCR Function, powered by ComPDFKit, Gets a Full Boost!

Do you often face such frustrations while using OCR tools? After accurately recognizing the text within an image, you're left with the tedious task of manually copying and pasting it into a new document. And what about those instances when the tool successfully extracts the entire scanned document, only to present it to you as plain text, completely stripping away its original layout?


PDF Reader Pro has collected feedback from users and got significant enhancements, taking it to the next level of performance. Let's explore the new update.


  • Accurately recognize every detail and keep the layout

PDF Reader Pro OCR engine allows you to extract the text and image elements in a scanned document with high accuracy while keeping the same visual layout you intended, helping you create a new editable and searchable PDF.


  • Two Output Layout

1. Recognize text and images: This mode allows you to recognize and extract text and images while keeping the layout. You can modify text and images with ease. Visually, this document may differ slightly from the original.

2. Text under the page image: In this mode, the page image is retained, while the recognized text is placed into an invisible layer underneath the image. Visually, this document is nearly identical to the original. For those who want to copy or search text within a PDF, this mode is a better option.


  • Multiple Recognition Languages

Powerful OCR engine recognizes 50+ languages including English, French,  German, Italian, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and more.


  • Page Range settings

When you have a big scanned e-book file and you only need to grab the stuff from a few pages, you can go ahead and tweak the page range to your liking. PDF Reader Pro's OCR engine provides you with multiple page recognition modes, such as recognizing all pages, recognizing odd/even pages, and customizing pages.


OCR Settings


How OCR Function Makes Work Easier

OCR function enables efficient and professional workflows, allowing users to convert piles of hardcopy documents into searchable and editable digital formats. Businesses can streamline document management, enhance retrieval speed, and reduce physical storage space. 


For those in the finance industry, OCR automates data extraction from invoices, receipts, and financial statements, streamlining expense tracking, facilitating audit processes, and enhancing financial data analysis. 



As for image-based PDFs, such as scanned reports or brochures, OCR allows converting them into editable formats like Word, Excel, or PPT. If your company's outdated product manuals need an update, then the OCR tool is undoubtedly the best choice. By scanning the hardcopy documents and utilizing the OCR tool, you can quickly transform them into editable PDFs, thereby efficiently updating the information.


In short, OCR tools empower businesses with advanced text recognition capabilities, fueling productivity, accuracy, and effective document management practices.



Convert PDF to Word with Flowing Text

PDF documents identify and fix the position of each text box, making them a highly stable document format. However, when you need to make extensive modifications to the overall content of the document, fixed-position text boxes can become a stumbling block. They do not automatically wrap or paginate, so when you add content to one text box, it's highly likely to overlap with the content of the next text box, creating a messy situation. That why PDF Reader Pro launched flowing text mode during the conversation.


When you convert a PDF to Word using PDF Reader Pro, we provide you with two layout options to choose from: Flowing Text and Maintain Page Layout. In Flowing Text mode, you'll get an original Word document that allows for unrestricted editing and adaptive text. Flowing text dynamically adjusts to the page size and boundaries, automatically paginating or wrapping as needed. No more rigidly confined text boxes. This flexibility and convenience empower you to freely edit and format your Word document with ease.


How to Convert PDF to Word with Flowing Text?

  1. Download PDF Reader Pro and open a PDF file;

  2. Click Converter on the toolbar -> To Word;

  3. In the Layout Settings section, tick Retain Flowing Text;

  4. Click Convert.




ComPDFKit SDK, Technical Support for PDF Reader Pro 

ComPDFKit is providing technical support for this update of PDF Reader Pro. ComPDFKit is a comprehensive SDK designed for developers to make developers freely build excellent products, helping companies, organizations, and businesses to save time and costs and fasten the time-to-market process.


How ComPDFKit Provides You Technical Support

Besides the powerful OCR engine and PDF converter, ComPDFKit provides businesses with more out-of-the-box functions that can be easily integrated into existing systems. For example:  create, view, edit, annotate, fill out forms, sign, secure, and compare PDFs. For those who need to customize the interface, the high-performing SDK supports designing a unique interface for your products with fully customizable UI source code. Also, ComPDFKit provides 24/7 professional and 1-to-1 technical support and services. Onsite service or remote support like Skype, WhatsApp and email are all available for a full understanding of products.


Get Technical Support from ComPDFKit

If you need to integrate the PDF functionalities into your product, or streamline your workflows with a professional PDF SDK, feel free to contact sales team to have a free trial. All the platforms such as Desktop, Web, and Mobile are supported.

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