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Misty of Chincoteague: Download Free PDF

Discover the timeless tale of Misty of Chincoteague, a captivating story of love and adventure set on Virginia's wild shores. Dive into this classic today!
Misty of Chincoteague: Download Free PDF

Misty of Chincoteague book cover

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  • Book Title: Misty of Chincoteague
  • Author: Marguerite Henry
  • Year Published: 1947
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.07/5
  • Availability: No free version available. See the Amazon Kindle Store.


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Our Review of 
Misty of Chincoteague

We found Misty of Chincoteague to be a charming tale of determination and love for wild horses.

Marguerite Henry skillfully portrays the bond between siblings Paul and Maureen Beebe and their quest to own the elusive Phantom, a wild mare from Assateague Island.

The novel's vivid descriptions, heartfelt characters, and deep connection to nature make it not just a delightful story of perseverance and adventure, but also a touching tribute to the beauty and spirit of the Chincoteague ponies.

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