Why PDF Format is Ideal for Lawyers?

Tue. 25 Oct. 20226773 Mins

As we all know, lawyers have to deal with a large number of documents every day, such as contracts, letters, pleadings, orders, memorandums, cases, and statutes. Imagine that a lawyer tries to find the needed document in a huge pile of files and email the paper documents to clients. It must be a laborious and time-consuming task, right? Fortunately, with the popularity of PDF technology, lawyers can get rid of the cumbersome process of handling and sharing paper-based documents. How do PDFs help lawyers work more efficiently? We may get answers from several aspects.




Without electronic documents, sharing your file such as a legally binding contract to your client is a difficult thing because you may have to spend several days mailing the files. Digital files will solve this problem well as they can be sent and received online with a click of a mouse. PDF document is one of the best choices for lawyers with its high stability. Let’s say, PDFs can keep the same layout no matter what device you use to view them, which is totally different from Word. On the other hand, PDF is a small file size format, which helps you save hard drive space and speed up the transfer process.


When sharing a PDF with an electronic signature, you had better save your file as a flattened PDF for better protection of your signature, because all the elements in a flattened PDF are unmodifiable and immovable so that no one can remove or change the signature. Regardless of the format, your customers will receive the digital files in the shortest possible time.


Better Secure Document

Safety plays an important role in legal documents. It will be a disaster if confidential information is illegally obtained. Therefore, an open password is essential when sharing files online.  Most PDF editors can protect document well by encrypting the file, some advanced PDF editors can also set permission on copying and printing, which means nobody can get a copy, ensuring the uniqueness of the private file.


Redacting PDF is another way to secure files. When some private information appears in the document such as phone number, address, or ID number, you can use the redaction tool to block this sensitive content to avoid unnecessary interruptions or the leakage of important information. Overall, PDF format is secure to view and transfer, staff can easily share documents without worrying about data leakage. 


Fast Retrieve and Process Files

A large document with hundreds of pages is very common to a lawyer, which contains case analysis and evidentiary material. What if you need to find some specific information in such a large file? Grabbing a pile of papers and skimming through every page to find the needed information must be time-consuming. PDF technology can solve this problem because it supports search text. You can fast find the information you want by inputting the keyword, which can effectively simplify workflow.


In addition, as an excellent lawyer, you need to collect some cases for further study. However, many of these are paper documents or scanned PDFs. In this case, a powerful PDF software will give you a perfect solution because it allows you to merge all the files into one and fast extract the text from a scanned PDF or picture with OCR tool so that you can copy and paste the content as well as make some comments on it.


Simplify Workflow

A lawyer's time is valuable, and it is unsuitable to waste time on repeated operations. PDF software can simplify their workflow and save time by batch processing files. For example, when you need to convert dozens of PDFs to Word, you can batch convert all files at once instead of converting each file individually with the batch conversion tool. We recommend you use PDF Reader Pro to batch convert PDF to Office, batch compress, and batch add passwords and watermarks.


What Can PDF Reader Pro Offer You?

Since PDF is so important to lawyers in processing documents, how to choose an appropriate PDF reader to facilitate daily work? You had better select a PDF editor with some advanced features such as setting passwords, OCR, electronic signature, compression, etc. All these functions we mentioned can be used in PDF Reader Pro. Let’s see what the main features are available for use in PDF Reader Pro.


1. Set Password to PDF

PDF Reader Pro allows you to set an open password for your files. You can also restrict the copying and printing of the document. If you have got many files, click Batch to batch add passwords.



Click here to know more about Password a PDF. 


2. Redact PDF

The redaction tool helps you to blank out sensitive content with a default black box that can’t be removed. Therefore, it is proper for hiding private information in the document such as a phone number or a credit card number.



Click here to know more about Redact PDF.


3. OCR Scanned PDF or Image

How to OCR a scanned PDF or image in PDF Reader Pro? Just click OCR on the toolbar to start the work. What’s more, the OCR tool can recognize various languages such as English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, etc. The extracted text can be saved as a totally new PDF file or TXT file.



Click here to know more about OCR.


4. Electronic Signature

The traditional process of signing a document can often be painfully slow. By contrast, e-signature can help law firms to reduce time wasted on exchanging paper documents and get new clients onboard faster. PDF Reader Pro offers you three kinds of e-signature, from keyboard (text signature), from trackpad (handwritten signature), from image (image signature). After applying it to your document, you can change the size of the signature as needed.



Click here to know more about E-signature.


5. Compress PDF

Since the lawyer always has to process large PDF files, it is essential to compress a PDF to free up disk space and faster transfer speeds. PDF Reader Pro is proper for compressing PDFs as it provides you with various optimization options from low, medium, high, and custom. What’s more, batch compress PDF is also available for you.



Click here to know more about Compress PDF.

In general, choosing a right PDF tool can improve working efficiency. PDF Reader Pro is such a powerful PDF editor designed for the business people like lawyers. Besides the features mentioned above, PDF Reader Pro has more advanced functions such as converting PDF to Office, editing text, splitting and merging PDFs, etc. Click download to get a free version now if you are a lawyer suffering from a large number of files! Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if there are any questions. Click PDF Reader Pro for Lawyer to know more advanced features!

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