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10 Famous Pinocchio Quotes

Explore classic quotes from "Pinocchio," the tale of a puppet's journey to become a real boy by Italian author Carlo Collodi.
10 Famous Pinocchio Quotes

If you are enchanted by timeless children's literature, you have probably delighted in the adventures of Carlo Collodi's "Pinocchio." Below, we explore some of our team's favorite quotes from this classic tale that has captured the imaginations of readers for generations.

"Pinocchio" is a novel by Carlo Collodi, first published in 1883. It is one of the most translated and widely read children’s books ever, beloved for its rich storytelling and moral lessons. Set in Italy, the novel follows the mischievous wooden puppet, Pinocchio, on his quest to become a real boy.


"Lies, my dear boy, are known in a moment. There are two kinds of lies, lies with short legs, and lies with long noses. Yours, fortunately, are the kind with short legs." – The Talking Cricket


This memorable admonition from the Talking Cricket highlights the book's enduring lesson on the perils of dishonesty. As a child, "Pinocchio" taught me the importance of truth through this vivid imagery, a lesson that has stayed with me over the years.

"A boy who can't obey his father's wishes is unlikely to amount to very much." – Geppetto

Geppetto’s words underscore the theme of parental guidance and the consequences of disobedience. Collodi's portrayal of Geppetto's loving, yet stern advice reflects the struggles every parent faces in raising a child.

"How ridiculous I was as a Marionette! And how happy I am, now that I have become a real boy!" – Pinocchio

Pinocchio's transformation from puppet to boy has always fascinated me. It's a powerful metaphor for growth and personal development that encourages readers to strive for betterment and human maturity.

"I'd rather be a puppet. It's less tiring." – Pinocchio

This quote always brings a smile, reminding me of the simplicity of childhood compared to the responsibilities of adult life. It’s a candid, albeit whimsical, reflection on the desire to escape burdens and revert to simpler times.

"The best way to behave, like the cleverest, is to follow one's own instincts." – The Fox

While the Fox is a dubious character, this quote captures a core truth about trusting one’s intuition. However, Collodi cleverly wraps this truth in a cautionary tale about the consequences of misguided instincts.

"Every temptation that is resisted, every noble thought that is cherished, every increase in knowledge, every gain in virtue, is a guide to lead us upward in the scale of life." – The Fairy with Turquoise Hair

The Fairy's wisdom is a cornerstone of the book, offering a profound lesson on personal growth and virtue. This quote is a beacon that guided my understanding of integrity and personal evolution.

"It's not enough to be good. One must also show good manners." – The Talking Cricket

This simple yet profound advice from the Talking Cricket reflects the societal norms and etiquette that are as vital today as they were in Collodi’s time. It’s a reminder of the importance of civility and respect in daily interactions.

"Boys who refuse to obey their parents and run away from home will never have any luck and are sure to meet with great misfortunes." – The Fairy with Turquoise Hair

As a narrative that intertwines fantasy with moral lessons, this forewarning by the Fairy emphasizes the theme of obedience and the traditional values that underpin much of Collodi’s writing.

"Patience is the virtue of the strong." – The Fairy with Turquoise Hair

This lesson on patience is one of the many virtues that "Pinocchio" promotes. It resonates as a fundamental truth about strength and endurance in the face of adversity.

"He who digs a trap for others often falls into it himself." – The Fox

The irony of this warning, coming from the Fox who himself is a trickster, highlights the theme of justice and retribution that is prevalent throughout the story.

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