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Full Review: Synopsis Of Things We Never Got Over

As the story progresses through numerous books, readers are immersed in a world where serendipitous connections and second chances are the norm.
Full Review: Synopsis Of Things We Never Got Over

If you've embarked on this journey but found yourself short on time to complete it, fear not – we're here to guide you through every chapter and unravel the intricate layers of this compelling narrative.

From the first page to the stunning conclusion, we'll navigate the twists and turns, the highs and lows, ensuring that no moment of this unforgettable series escapes your attention.

Please be warned: There are massive spoilers for the entire "Things  We Never Got Over" series ahead!

Things We Never Got Over Synopsis (Things We Never Got Over #1)

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  • Book Title: Things We Never Got Over
  • Author: 
  • Year Published: January 12, 2022
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.17/5 
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The novel begins as Naomi enters Knockemout after receiving a request for help from her evil twin sister, Tina. Naomi has left her fiancée at the altar because the relationship is not good. Tina robs Naomi and leaves her with her 11-year-old daughter, Waylay. Naomi did not previously know that Waylay existed. Naomi does not know anyone in the town and has no money, job, or car. She meets a man named Knox who is rude to her, believing her to be Tina, but he eventually gets her a place to stay at his grandmother, Liza J’s, cottage.

Against Knox’s wishes, Naomi begins to work at the Honky Tonk, his bar. Knox is constantly rude to Naomi, but he falls for her nevertheless. He is afraid of this, however, as his relatives have not been able to recover from the losses of loved ones. He worries that he would be the same way should he lose someone, so he chooses not to love anyone. After a brief love and sexual affair, he breaks things off with Naomi. Naomi is shocked and refuses to speak to Knox, but he continues to try to take care of her.

Everyone is angry with Knox, including his brother Nash and his best friend, Lucy, for breaking things off. They see that he is only hurting himself. Eventually, Knox explains his fear to Naomi and why they cannot be together. She is sad because she loves him, but she accepts his decision. Minutes later, Naomi is lured outside, where Tina is in a car. Tina handcuffed Naomi to the steering wheel and brought her to a warehouse. In the warehouse, Waylay is strapped to a chair with tape over her mouth. Tina and a man named Duncan Hugo need information about a flash drive, and they want Naomi there to convince Waylay to tell them where it is. She cannot do this, as she has tape over her mouth. The sisters try to trick Duncan by changing into each other’s clothes, but he can detect the deceit.


How Did Things We Never Got Over End?

Duncan is about to shoot the woman. There is a scuffle, and Tina gets away before Duncan shoots them both. Naomi and Waylay almost escape, but Duncan grabs Naomi and strangles her into unconsciousness. Knox, Nash, and Lucy arrive, and Knox beats Duncan. He then goes to Waylay and Naomi, and Naomi wakes up. Knox tells her that he wants to marry her.

Knox and Naomi get married, and Tina signs over custody of Waylay to the couple. They live in the main lodge, while Liza J lives in the cottage that Naomi used to stay in. Knox and Naomi try to have babies of their own but prove to be infertile. The novel ends with them telling loved ones they have adopted two little girls. Waylay has become an essential part of their family, and most previously single characters have found a love interest.

Things We Hide from the Light Synopsis (Things We Never Got Over #2)

Things We Hide from the Light Synopsis book cover image

  • Book Title: Things We Hide from the Light 
  • Author: 
  • Year Published: February 21, 2023
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.07/5 
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As the novel opens, Nash is struggling after being shot because he keeps having panic attacks. Meanwhile, Lina, an outsider, is in town. She came to Knockemout to work and visit her old friend, Knox. She is there to track down stolen property, but none of the other characters know, at the beginning of the novel, that this is why she is there. All she tells them is that she works in insurance. While Nash is conventional and wants a family and security, Lina hates being tied down. She wants freedom and adventure, but she is beginning to question whether she wants to continue this lifestyle.

One day, Lina sees Nash as if he is having a panic attack. She is familiar with these attacks. She had a structural heart defect and spent much time as a teenager in hospitals. In these hospitals, she started having panic attacks. She also learned to dislike unnecessary touch in these hospitals because she felt little control over what was happening to her body. To this day, she does not like being tied down because her parents were so controlling of her and still are to keep her safe and healthy. Lina helps Nash, and he asks her to spend the night because he feels safer when she is near him. Despite never sharing a bed with anyone, she agrees. This is out of her comfort zone because she does not like touch, vulnerability, or emotional intimacy.

The two slowly get closer, even though this makes Lina uncomfortable. Nash feels like he needs Lina to stay calm. She has helped him start to feel again. Before she arrived in his life, he felt numb and depressed. Nash hates being lied to, and when he learns that Lina is in town to recover property that may be related to his shooting, he takes this as a betrayal, gets angry with her, and pushes her away. The two spend time at odds with each other. Eventually, however, they reconcile. When Nash gets spooked about needing Lina too much, she remains strong and refuses to walk away from him. The importance of sticking with people who are struggling is something she learned as she examined the friends who let her push them away after her health scare. Nash and Lina again reconcile.


How Did Things We Hide from the Light End?

Nash and his friends devise a plan to root out the man who tried to kill Nash. On the night before Knox and Naomi’s wedding, Lina is kidnapped in a plot to get to Nash. She is a strong and capable woman who can hold off her attackers until Nash, Knox, and Nolan arrive to provide backup. Together, the four can overcome their attackers as all the villains are killed or arrested. Knox and Naomi get married, and eventually, Lina and Nash get married. By the end of the Bonus Epilogue, Lina and Nash have twin babies.

Things We Left Behind Synopsis (Things We Never Got Over #3)

Things We Left Behind book cover image

  • Book Title: Things We Left Behind 
  • Author: 
  • Year Published: September 5, 2023
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.44/5 
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The story follows Sloane, a woman whose father recently passed away. His death has reminded Sloane that she is approaching forty without fulfilling her dreams of a family, and there aren’t any prospects on the horizon. Though there are plenty of nice guys in town, the only one who makes her blood heat is Lucian, the bane of Sloane’s existence. Now that their friends are coupled up, they’ve been spending more time together – and it’s a constant reminder of the things that tore them apart.

Sloane and Lucian have been guarding the secrets of their past for the last two decades, and now that’s finally catching up with them. They can’t stand in the same room together, but they can’t seem to stay away from each other, no matter how much they want to. Unfortunately, the death of Sloane’s father has brought a few things to light… and Sloane will never be able to look at Lucian the same way again.

As Sloane and Lucian try to navigate their adult relationship, there is a slow rollout of flashbacks throughout the story of what happened all those years ago when they were in high school. Though bits and pieces have been alluded to in the previous books, getting the whole, sweet, and sordid tale in vivid detail juxtaposed by their self-assured adult selves is powerful. I felt so much for young Sloane and Lucian, who hurt each other only in the way that stupid but well-meaning teenagers could.


How Did Things We Left Behind End?

After Sloane finds out that Mary Louise's arresting officer was Chief Wylie Ogden, the Chief and Judge Atkins (the one who sentenced Mary unusually harshly) show up at her house. They force their way in, intending to kill her because she knows too much, including that they were both paid off by Anthony Hugo. At this point, Sloane also confirms that it was the Chief who put Nash's name on the hit list and killed Tate Dilton to keep him quiet.

The Chief then proceeds to kill Judge Atkins and go after Sloane. Thankfully, Lucian shows up and intervenes. The Chief is arrested and eventually put in prison. Meanwhile, Lucian and Sloane get married on Christmas Eve in her house, surrounded by all their friends and family. In the epilogue set 10 years later, we find out they had four kids together - 2 foster children and two biological children.

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