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The Business Of Creating Fairy Tales: Download The Fine Print PDF

Three billionaire brothers - Rowan, Cal, and Declan - must each complete a task assigned by their late grandfather's will to receive their inheritance.
The Business Of Creating Fairy Tales: Download The Fine Print PDF

The Fine Print book cover image

  • Book Title: The Fine Print
  • Author: Lauren Asher
  • Year Published: July 8, 2021
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.85/5
  • Availability: No free version is available. See the Amazon Kindle Store



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Our Review of The Fine Print

The book follows the story of Zahra and Rowan, who struggle to trust each other and overcome their insecurities. The love story is set in a theme park called Dreamland, which is similar to Disney World. Rowan's grandfather wanted him to create something before he passed away, so he became the park's creative director.

Zahra works at one of the park's beauty salons and loves to make children's dreams come true. She always dreamed of joining the team that creates new rides for the park, and eventually, she got the opportunity.

Working closely with Rowan, they create a new ride that depicts the joy people experience at the park. However, as they argue and fight, the lines between their professional relationship and personal feelings become blurred. They struggle to understand whether they are working together or falling in love.

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