PDF Reader Pro Customer Review: The Perfect Combination of Education

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A Brief Introduction About Myself


Hello everyone, I am Penny and I am so honored and excited to have this chance to share my story about PDF Reader Pro and me.  My profession is an educator who creates engaging learning experiences that will help all students succeed. To achieve this, I’d like to integrate technology into learning in the way that provides not just content, but opportunities for students to collaborate, solve problems and prepare for life beyond classroom walls. PDF Reader Pro fully meets my expectations and needs to achieve my goal. Now I will share my experience with PDF Reader Pro.


PDF Reader Pro for Teachers



Meet PDF Reader Pro


I have been using PDF Reader Pro for years. Because of my mission, I struggle to hunt and try many modern tools to help my teaching. Actually, I have tried a lot of PDF readers, but no one can compare with PDF Reader Pro and replace it in my heart. It helps me a lot by allowing me seamlessly integrate documents into my daily teaching routine. With the ability to modify PDF files, I can differentiate instruction, so each student gets exactly what they need to succeed. For example, I can modify an article to add definitions for words my English Language Learners might not know. I can extract or split specific pages to create a new PDF file, or insert/append new files, which makes my PDF files more productive and useful. What an amazing thing it is! Well, the amazing thing happens in my day-to-day life.


PDF Editor


I have to say, PDF Reader Pro is really really user-friendly and concise. In my daily life, it often occurs that I have to convert files into other formats, such as Word, PPT and etc. Luckily, PDF Reader Pro completely satisfies my needs. I usually convert my PDF files into doc files. Annotation tools also improve my work productivity. You know, as an educator, I must track students who read files. PDF Reader Pro makes it easy, because my students can add comments on the PDF files. Therefore, I know their reading process. For example, when my students read a pdf article, and want to markup several phrases, they can use highlight and underline. If there need some notes, they can add text box or anchored note to accomplish it.


Annotation edit in PDF


Meet PDF Reader Pro, and enjoy full functionalities on my Mac and iOS devices. I strongly recommend that you try the free trial to appreciate the benefits that complete PDF Reader Pro brings to you. Recently, I come to know that PDF Reader Pro has free Windows and Android version, maybe it is another chance for me to try and explore more surprises!

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