Robust Reading Experience

Access to certain texts via bookmarks, outlines or search functions. The Night Mode comforts your eyes when reading in a dark environment. Set current viewing mode as default if you are used to it.
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Split View

In case you have more than one reading tasks at one time, Show Split PDF offers multi-tasks and effective reading experience.


Your PDF files could be directly presented as a keynote. Set perfect effect, duration and extent to make a perfect presentation.

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Read Mode

For those small-size screen, Read Mode gives you a broader vison to view without disturbing other operation.

Auto Flow

The auto flow tool supports to scroll PDF pages automatically for music reading. Simply set a time interval or jump space, then PDF Reader Pro can do the rest.

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Crop & Snapshot

A simple click to crop/snapshot enables you to cut what you want to view. The area you cut can be copied, printed and exported as JPG/PNG/PDF.

Dark Mode

Windows, background colors and color schemes flip from bright white to subdued dark pleasing your eyes, and helping you to stay better focused on your work.

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What else can PDF Reader Pro for Mac do?