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How to Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

The built-in OCR technology in PDF Reader Pro for iPhone & iPad enables you to turn scanned documents or images into digital workflows and makes it easier to edit, convert, copy, search and more.


1. Enter the reading page and click More at the top right corner; 

2. Click OCR in the menu;

3. Then you can set Page Range first and Start OCR;

4. The result will show automatically and you can also change OCR Language among 90+ languages by clicking Language;

5. After that, you can edit or delete the text, or Cut, Copy, Replace, Look Up, Share after you select certain words, or you can choose to TTS, Save as PDF, Save as TXT, Copy, Share via PDF, Share via TXT by clicking corresponding icons on the bottom.


Note: It needs the Internet when you perform OCR. Please make sure you can access Google. And we recommend that you try VPN service, or drop a line at [email protected].

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