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Accomodation Letter PDF Template

What is an Accommodation Letter PDF Template?

An accommodation letter is a document that is used to request a specific work accommodation due to a specific reason outlined in the letter itself.


What hould an Accommodation Letter PDF Template Contain?

  • Introduction: This section should introduce the writer of the letter and their relationship with the employee.

  • Qualifications: This section should describe the employee’s qualifications for the promotion, including their skills, experience, and achievements.

  • Performance: This section should describe the employee’s performance in their current role, including their strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Leadership: This section should describe the employee’s leadership qualities and potential to take on additional responsibilities.

  • Recommendation: This section should clearly state the writer’s recommendation for the employee’s promotion and why they believe the employee is a good fit for the new role.
    Closing: This section should include any additional comments or contact information.

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