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Behavior Apology Letter PDF Template

What Is a Behavioral Apology Letter PDF Template?

A behavior apology letter is a written communication that conveys your acknowledgment of and regret over a mistake you made that harmed another party. It validates the party’s feelings and offers to make amends in a bid to restore the relationship and trust you jeopardized through your mistake.


What Should a Behavior Apology Letter PDF Template Contain?

When writing an apology letter for bad behavior, it’s important to keep the following points in mind:

  • Apologize: Start your letter by stating precisely what it is you did wrong and saying sorry. You can start by saying, “I am writing to apologize for…” or “I am sorry for…” followed by a time and date for when you made the mistake. This initial statement will help establish your reason for writing, which is to apologize.

  • Acknowledge the Effects of Your Actions: After you apologize, go a step further and mention the impact your mistake had on the recipient. This move shows empathy and is crucial to validating the recipient’s feelings. You can mention that you understand your actions made them angry, disappointed or hurt.

  • Briefly Explain Your Behavior: While not necessary, the recipient may want to know why you acted the way you did. You can include a brief but sincere explanation of the events or circumstances that led to your mistake. However, be very careful that your explanation does not sound like you are excusing your behavior. In fact, you should say something along the lines of “…but this in no way excuses my actions.”

  • Make Amends: Next, mention that you wish to make things right with the recipient. You can mention any plans you have to make amends or ask the recipient for suggestions. However, you should at least have a plan of action, so it does not seem like it is all up to the recipient to find a solution to the problem.

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