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Blood Pressure Tracker PDF Template

What is a Blood Pressure Tracker?

A blood pressure tracker is a tool designed to help individuals monitor and record their blood pressure readings over time. It helps in tracking systolic and diastolic pressures, which are key indicators of heart health. Regular monitoring can provide valuable insights into how lifestyle, diet, and medication affect blood pressure. This tool can be particularly useful for those managing hypertension or other cardiovascular conditions, enabling them to stay informed and engaged in their health management. By consistently recording blood pressure readings, individuals can share accurate data with their healthcare providers, aiding in better diagnosis and treatment planning.


How to Fill in Our Blood Pressure Tracker PDF Template

Follow these steps to fill in the Blood Pressure Tracker template:

  • Name

    • Enter your name at the top of the template.

  • Target Blood Pressure*

    • Enter your target systolic and diastolic blood pressure values, such as 120 for Systolic and 80 for diastolic.

  • Call Physician if Above*

    • Enter the systolic and diastolic values that, if exceeded, should prompt a call to your physician. For example, Systolic: 140, Diastolic: 90.

  • Physician Phone Number

    • Enter your physician’s phone number for quick reference.

  • Data Entry Section

    • Time

      • Record the time of the blood pressure reading. Specify AM or PM.

    • Date

      • Record the date of the blood pressure reading.

    • AM/PM

      • Indicate whether the reading was taken in the AM or PM.

    • Systolic

      • Enter the systolic blood pressure reading.

    • Diastolic

      • Enter the diastolic blood pressure reading.

    • Heart Rate

      • Record your heart rate at the time of the blood pressure reading.

    • Notes

      • Add any relevant notes, such as activities, medications, or feelings that might influence your blood pressure.

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