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Bookkeeping Invoice PDF Template

What is a Bookkeeping Invoice?

A Bookkeeping Invoice is a document issued by a bookkeeper to a client, detailing the services provided and the corresponding charges. This invoice serves as a formal request for payment and includes critical information such as the invoice number, date, description of services, rates, hours worked, and the total amount due. Bookkeeping invoices ensure transparency in financial transactions, help track payments, and maintain organized records for both the bookkeeper and the client.


How to Fill in Our Bookkeeping Invoice PDF Template

Follow these steps to fill in the Bookkeeping Invoice template:

  • Header Section:

    • INVOICE: Clearly label the document as an invoice.

    • INVOICE NO.: Enter a unique invoice number for tracking and reference.

    • DATE: Record the date the invoice is issued.

  • Bookkeeping Services Section:

    • DATE: Enter the date when each service was performed.

    • ITEM: Provide a brief description of each bookkeeping service provided.

    • RATE: Specify the hourly rate or fixed rate for each service.

    • HOURS: Indicate the number of hours worked for each service.

    • CLASS: If applicable, categorize the services for better organization.

    • TAX: Calculate and enter any applicable taxes for the services provided.

    • TOTAL: Calculate and enter the total amount for each service (RATE multiplied by HOURS plus TAX, if applicable).

  • Totals Section:

    • TOTAL: Sum up all individual totals from the services provided to get the final amount due.

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