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Business Plan Outline Template PDF Template

What is a Business Plan Outline?

A business plan outline serves as a structured framework delineating the essential components and strategic elements necessary for effectively communicating a business venture's vision, objectives, market analysis, operational strategies, financial projections, and management team to potential stakeholders, investors, and partners. It provides a cohesive overview of the business concept, target market, competitive landscape, management team, funding requirements, and financial outlook, crucial for guiding decision-making, securing investment, and fostering long-term success.


How to Fill in Our Business Plan Outline PDF Template

Follow these steps to fill in the Business Plan Outline template:

  • Executive Summary:

    • Fill in [COMPANY.Company] as the business name, [BUSINESS TYPE], and [FOUNDING DATE].

    • Provide a brief overview of the company's products, target market, competition, management team, funding needs, and financial projections.

  • Product:

    • Describe the products or services provided by [COMPANY.Company].

  • Market:

    • Identify the target customers and the total addressable market, including a percentage projection of market capture over the next [YEARS] years.

  • Competition:

    • List competitors and highlight [COMPANY.Company]'s competitive advantage.

  • Management:

    • Introduce the CEO ([CEO NAME]) and other key members of the management team, outlining their qualifications and relevance to the opportunity.

  • Funding Needed:

    • Specify the amount of funding required, how it  will be used, and the expected results for investors, including the exit strategy within [NUMBER OF YEARS] years.

  • Financial Projections:

    • Provide an overview of the financial projections, even if the company is pre-revenue, highlighting any letters of intent or purchase orders obtained to generate revenue.

  • Contact Information:

    • Include contact details for further inquiries and express gratitude for consideration.

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