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Cashbook Spread Sheet PDF Template

What is a Cashbook Spread Sheet?

A Cashbook Spreadsheet is a financial record-keeping tool used to track and manage cash transactions within a business. It serves as a detailed ledger for recording all cash inflows and outflows, helping businesses maintain accurate financial records. By regularly updating the cashbook, businesses can monitor their cash position, ensure financial accountability, and simplify the reconciliation of bank statements. It is an essential tool for effective financial management, providing a clear snapshot of the company's cash flow at any given time.


How to Fill in Our Cashbook Spread Sheet PDF Template

Follow these steps to fill in the Cashbook Spread Sheet template:

  • Header Section:

    • Month: Enter the month for which you are recording the transactions.

    • Business / Name: Fill in the name of your business or the individual maintaining the cashbook.

  • Details Section:

    • Date: Record the date of each transaction.

    • Description: Provide a brief description of the transaction, detailing what it pertains to.

    • Ref: Enter any reference number or identifier associated with the transaction.

  • Money In:

    • Total In: Record the total amount of money received for each transaction.

  • Money Out:

    • Total Out: Record the total amount of money spent for each transaction.

  • Bank Balance:

    • Calculate and update the bank balance after each transaction by adding the "Total In" and subtracting the "Total Out" from the previous balance.

  • Totals:

    • At the end of the month, sum up all the entries in the "Total In" column to get the total money received.

    • Sum up all the entries in the "Total Out" column to get the total money spent.

Ensure the final bank balance reflects all transactions recorded during the month

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