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Character Witness Letter PDF Template

What Is a Character Witness Letter?

A character witness letter, also known as a character reference letter, is a document in which someone vouches for another person's character and qualities. Typically, these letters are written by someone who knows the individual personally rather than professionally. They can be used in various situations, such as court proceedings, job applications, or other scenarios where an individual's character is being assessed or needs support.


Key Components of a Character Witness Letter


  1. Introduction: Start by introducing yourself, explaining your profession or status, and outlining the nature and duration of your relationship with the person you're vouching for.

  2. Purpose of the Letter: Clearly state the reason you're writing the letter. For example, you might be writing to support someone's child custody application or to attest to their integrity in a court case.

  3. Character Traits: Discuss specific qualities, virtues, and attributes of the person. Instead of making broad or vague statements, provide specific examples that demonstrate these traits.

  4. Any Relevant Anecdotes or Experiences: Sharing stories or experiences can offer a more in-depth insight into the individual's character. For instance, if you're highlighting their honesty, you might share a time they returned lost money.

  5. Comparison to Others: If appropriate, compare the individual to others in a similar context, emphasizing their exceptional qualities.

  6. Conclusion: Summarize your endorsement of the individual and provide an open invitation for further contact. For instance, "Should you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me."

  7. Your Contact Information: Include your phone number, email address, and other relevant contact details.

  8. Signature: If you're submitting a hard copy, sign the letter; for electronic submissions, a typed name will suffice.


Key Purposes of a Character Witness Letter

  1. Legal Proceedings: This is one of the most common uses. Such letters can provide context about an individual's personal life and character during court cases, especially in scenarios like child custody battles or when someone's moral fiber is in question.

  2. Job Applications: While professional references vouch for an individual's job performance, a character reference can attest to their personality, ethics, and values outside the workplace.

  3. Housing Applications: Landlords or housing associations might request character references to ensure that potential tenants are responsible and upstanding citizens.

  4. Adoption Procedures: Prospective adoptive parents might be asked to provide character witness letters to vouch for their suitability to adopt a child.

  5. Loans or Financial Transactions: Some financial institutions might request a character reference before approving significant loans or other transactions, especially if the decision is borderline based on standard criteria.


A character witness letter provides a personal testament to an individual's character, highlighting positive traits and offering a broader understanding of the person beyond official records or resumes. Whether it's for a court case, a job application, or any other situation, the letter should be honest, specific, and respectful in its endorsement.

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