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Diet & Exercise Journal PDF Template

What is a Diet Exercise Journal?

A diet exercise journal is a tool designed to help individuals track their dietary intake and physical activity. This comprehensive journal allows users to record what they eat and drink, along with the nutritional content of their meals, and document their exercise routines, including duration and calories burned. By maintaining a detailed log, individuals can monitor their progress toward fitness and weight loss goals, identify patterns or areas for improvement, and stay motivated. This systematic approach to tracking diet and exercise supports healthier lifestyle choices and more effective weight management.


How to Fill in Our Diet Exercise Journal PDF Template

Follow these steps to fill in the Diet Exercise Journal template:

  • Start Date: Enter the date you begin using the journal.

  • End Date: Enter the date you plan to end your tracking period.

  • Start Weight: Record your starting weight in kilograms or pounds.

  • End Weight: Enter your goal weight for the end of the tracking period.

  • Goal Loss: Calculate and record the total weight you aim to lose.

  • Days to Lose: Enter the number of days over which you plan to achieve your weight loss goal.

  • Loss per Day: Calculate and record the average weight loss per day needed to reach your goal.

Dietary Analysis Section

  • Date: Record the date of each entry.

  • Time: Note the time of each meal or snack.

  • Description: Describe the food or drink consumed.

  • Calories: Record the number of calories for each item.

  • Carbs: Enter the carbohydrate content in grams.

  • Protein: Enter the protein content in grams.

  • Fat: Enter the fat content in grams.

  • Notes: Add any relevant notes, such as how the food was prepared or any additional ingredients.

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