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Doctors Note PDF Template

What is a Doctor’s Letter?

A "doctor's letter," often referred to as a "medical letter" or "doctor's note," is a document provided by a physician or other medical professional that confirms the results of a medical examination of a patient.


What is the Purpose of a Doctor’s Letter?

  1. Medical Leave or Excuse: One of the most common uses of a doctor's note is to excuse an individual from work or school due to illness. This document states that the person was indeed sick or unfit to attend work/school on specified days.

  2. Proof of Medical Condition: In some scenarios, a person might need to prove that they have a certain medical condition, whether for insurance purposes, legal matters, or any other situation. A doctor's letter can provide this verification.

  3. Recommendation for Accommodations: For individuals with disabilities or special needs, a doctor's letter can recommend certain accommodations, whether at work, school, or in other settings. For instance, someone with a physical disability might need a letter from their doctor to request a special seating arrangement during an examination.

  4. Fitness: If a person needs to prove they're fit to participate in certain activities (like a sport or strenuous job), they might need a letter from their doctor attesting to their health and capabilities.

  5. Travel: Sometimes, especially for air travel, individuals might need a doctor's note to confirm that they're fit to fly or to explain why they need to carry certain medications on board.

  6. Emotional Support or Service Animals: People who rely on emotional support or service animals might need a letter from a mental health professional or doctor explaining why they need the animal.

  7. Special Diets or Medications: In scenarios like school or prison, where meals are provided, a person might need a doctor's note to receive special meals that align with their health needs or dietary restrictions.


When requesting a doctor's letter, it's essential to ensure it includes all necessary information like the doctor's contact details, date, specifics of the condition or situation, and any other relevant details. However, it should never contain more personal health information than what's required for the specific purpose, to protect patient privacy.

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