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Enrollment Agreement

What's the Enrollment Agreement?

The enrollment agreement is the contract signed between the student and the institution. The agreement specifies the conditions under which the school will provide instruction to the student. It also specifies all costs a student must pay in order to enroll in a specific school program and the refund policy.


What are included in a Enrollment Agreement?

A copy of the completed enrollment agreement must be given to the student upon execution of the enrollment agreement. The student and an authorized agent of the school must date and sign the agreement prior to the time instruction begins. In an enrollment agreement, it must contain the address, name, phone number, city, state, Zip code of the student. Also, you should point out the program name, the start date and a clear and detailed refund policy. Enrollment agreements let you collect agreements from your students regarding payment of tuition, fees, and any other education-related expenses they incur at your school. Download this free enrollment templet and save your time!

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