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Equipment Bill of Sale Form

What is Equipment Bill of Sale?

An equipment bill of sale is a document that enables the transfer of machinery or equipment from a seller to a buyer. This document acts as the receipt for the purchase besides working as a legal document governing the transaction. An Equipment bill of sale form illustrates the details of the transfer involving a piece of equipment in a material testament for agreed upon sum of money. The contract stipulates the purchase price and identifies all participating parties involved in the transaction and produces accurate information regarding the equipment and sale terms. When exchanging goods and equipment with higher dollar amounts, having written documentation is a secure method of covering your bases to prove ownership and emphasize relinquished responsibility for the item sold.


How to Complete the Equipment Bill of Sale Form?

Step 1

– Download the Adobe PDF and proceed to open and fill the form as instructed: Step 2

– Purchase Price

– In the first to allocated spaces of the document, insert the purchase price amount in the following formats: - Written Dollar Amount - Numerical Dollar Amount Step 3

– Seller Information

– Refer to the information corresponding to the individual selling the piece of equipment: - Seller’s Full Name - Seller’s Street Address Step 4

– Buyer Information

– Include the information applicable to the buyer of the equipment: - Buyer’s Full Name - Buyer’s Street Address Step 5

– Equipment Information

– Provide details relevant to the equipment being purchased: - Specific description (item, color, identifying specifics) - Manufacturer - Model - Year Manufactured - Serial Number (if applicable) Step 6

– Next, insert the exact date of the sale in the corresponding space in the format of: - Day - Month - Year Step 7

– Endorsements

– Upon agreement to the contract, both buyer and seller can finalize the document in the appropriate blank spaces provided as follows: - Seller Signature - Seller Printed Name - Buyer Signature - Buyer Printed Name

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