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Fitness Plan PDF Template

What is a Fitness Plan?

A fitness plan is a comprehensive strategy designed to help individuals achieve their health and wellness goals by incorporating various aspects of exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications. It typically includes specific objectives related to weight management, strength training, cardiovascular health, flexibility, and overall physical fitness. A well-structured fitness plan provides a roadmap for individuals to follow, guiding them through their journey towards improved health and vitality.


How to Fill in Our Fitness Plan PDF Template

Follow these steps to fill in the Fitness Plan template:

About Me:

  • Gender: Specify the gender of the individual (e.g., Female).

  • Age: Enter the age of the individual (e.g., 35).

  • Height: Input the height of the individual in inches (e.g., 64).

  • Unit: Specify the unit of measurement (e.g., Imperial).

  • BMI: Enter the Body Mass Index of the individual (e.g., 26.60).

  • Starting Stats: Record the initial measurements for weight, waist, bicep, hips, and thigh.

Weight Tracker:

  • Record the date, time, and weight of the individual's progress in the provided cells.

  • An area chart visually tracks the weight progress over time.

  • A line chart displays the progress of each starting stat, including hips, waist, thigh, and bicep.

Activity Log:

  • Record the date, activity, start time, duration, distance, calories burned, and any additional notes for each physical activity performed.

  • A person silhouette in various exercise positions provides visual cues.

Food Log:

  • Record the date, meal, food items consumed, and corresponding nutritional values (calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbs, protein, sugar, fiber) for each meal and snack.

  • A person silhouette in various exercise positions offers visual representation.

My Nutrition Targets:

Set specific nutritional targets for daily intake of calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbs, protein, sugar, and fiber.

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