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Fitness Tracker PDF Template

What is a Fitness Tracker?

A fitness tracker is a device or application designed to monitor and record various fitness-related metrics such as steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate, sleep quality, and other personal health data. These trackers help individuals set fitness goals, track progress, and stay motivated by providing real-time feedback and detailed reports on their physical activities. By using a fitness tracker, users can gain insights into their health and fitness levels, make informed decisions about their workouts, and maintain a healthier lifestyle.


How to Fill in Our Fitness Tracker PDF Template

Follow these steps to fill in the Fitness Tracker template:

  • Date

    • Enter the specific date of your workout session.

  • Body Weight

    • Record your body weight for the day.

  • Completed

    • Indicate whether you completed the exercise with a "Y" (yes) or "N" (no).

Cardio Workouts Section

  • Run

    • Duration: Enter the time spent running.

    • Distance: Record the distance covered during the run.

    • Speed: Note your running speed.

    • Heart Rate: Input your heart rate during the run.

    • Location: Specify the location where you ran.

    • Notes: Add any additional notes or observations about the run (e.g., "Stretch better beforehand").

Strength Training Section

  • Leg Press

    • Reps: Enter the number of repetitions performed.

    • Weight: Record the weight lifted during the exercise.

    • Notes: Add any relevant notes about the exercise (e.g., "Remember to push through heels more").

  • Exercise

    • Reps: Record the number of repetitions performed for each exercise.

    • Weight: Enter the weight used for each exercise.

    • Notes: Add notes for each exercise as needed.

Other Activities Section

  • Activity

    • List other activities you want to track, such as team sports or walking the dog.

    • Date Columns: Enter an "X" in the corresponding box for each date you performed the activity. The box will automatically fill with color to represent completion.

Example Entries:

  • Cardio Workouts:

    • Date: 3/4/22

    • Body Weight: 165 lb

    • Completed: Y

    • Run:

      • Duration: 60 min

      • Distance:  3 miles

      • Speed: 3 MPH

      • Heart Rate: 170 BPM

      • Location: Track

      • Notes: Stretch better beforehand

  • Strength Training:

    • Date: 3/4/22

    • Body Weight: 165 lb

    • Completed: Y

    • Leg Press:

      • Reps: 10 reps

      • Weight: 130 lbs

      • Notes: Remember to push through heels more

  • Other Activities:

    • Date: 3/4/22

    • Activity: Football

      • Completed: X

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